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Many black canvas on sale dreams, there are always individuals deliberately broke into my dreams, he was my favorite, I think he even between a brake is the man I want marriage, he love me seven years but eventually turned into the most familiar strangers. From junior middle school to high school to college, his large canvas a for sale sign in front of my eyes all the time, at that time, I was refused, but my heart is sweet, because I am nothing, and he is willing to go through fire and water for me to give up all for me. This touched, I believe that may never forget, also don’t want to forget.

Remember the lunar calendar year, from SF; (friend’s name) heard his name, seen chasing his classmates in the corridor large wall art canvas, very funny, very cute. In that year, I’m 13 years old; he knew I had met him before. At that time, we are is foolish and ignorant, he gave me the message, is just a young boy to send boring large art on canvas learning career and distribute their affection, even is not like it, just take you as prey eyes. At that time, my heart ratio who all know, during the period of school don’t allow yourself to love others, the in the mind deeply rooted obsession has been always remind me. Perhaps the beginning of the error in itself should not let it appear…

Grade, each face examination students in carefully studying, I am no exception, but has no intention of a letter, let me know what the boy himself really wall size prints in the scallions, love letter, no flowery rhetoric, has lost its past the smooth patter, more is for me to learn the encourage and discourage, because of that year, grade 3 is the darkest one year for me, the friend said second feeling, I also understand probably a little bit. From then on, he felt like it was tempted, in the same class of canvas prints and wall art, some students also naturally became his best angel passing information. A year’s time is always too fast. Remember to test the end of the day, we encounter on a bus, I the last row, he sat in front of the car, from beginning to end, I is low head, but the feeling has a pair of eyes staring at me, did not dare to look up, and his eyes, he fell in love with the glowing eyes. Junior high school last letter, preserved for three years is also the first wall art canvas prints the UK a letter, I read the sincere and moved, puppy love at that age, I even think that he is my first love, although there is no clear like a…

Half a month has passed, the examination score came out, I didn’t get into high school, and I don’t know how he does, that moment, I know, we will never goodbye, I cram in the country, all the students were broken and canvas wall prints UK contact, including him. That year, my in the mind only learning, only to go to good canvas oil painting school, just from the place where I fell down and stand up again, of course, every once in a while, would dream of him.

The tutorial is over, return to that I had lost the county prepared for another examination, we may make a canvas print the fate, not on the first day, I found him, he tells the story of his high school years, the whole process of how to find me, listen to the very confused, the moment the heart rate estimated that only I can feel myself to, 3 years for the first time a heartbeat. Finally admit that my heart is beating original large panoramic canvas prints. Don’t have much happy only think of why will meet him? At home, I have to pray I can get into Hui person middle school; there is no why, just because our fate will continue to persist in the back to.

Results came , in the back, and also like junior high school, still resist the feeling of being chased, so even if the in the mind have like him, but only the surface of cold, high school three years, the students give me evaluation, only cold and heartless. 3 years, all the panoramic photo canvas prints suantiankula, all the love/hate, feel, touch all arrived. Laughed, cried, pain, hate… But in the process of constantly get along with, only to find that his shortcomings many, very headstrong, very impulse. Even though he is very kind to me, but this is good, let a person is choking, I began to realize that this period of ignorant feelings, may be over. Treat affection, I have been very careful, very serious, I would never find out sitting on it self. This day pictures onto canvas hold, we have sinned against a lot of friends around him. But the more twists and turns, the more profound memory, from junior middle school to high school, his shadow never leave my line of sight, there has been, there has always been, very tired, want to immediately separate, but more is not shed and habits, I continue to look at yourself, whether he want to find a person, is it brings me a lifetime of happiness. He told me I canvas prints of affection, whether more than anything else, break up 3 years continuously thinking constantly, but in the end, still separated…

His first choice to fill in the northeast, the second volunteer fill to chengdu, this is all he said, do not know true and false, maybe god to guide his choice do. Home leave school at that moment, he as my bus go very far, this scenario is how to hang the canvas prints on wall only seen in the film. He is afraid of me with the train and always out of his sight?

University, odd contact with, but I have decided to no longer like him, for a time, he completely collapse, is I hurt his heart deeply, but if without a long distance without cruelty childrens canvas wall art way said break up, how can we break up.

The last time the two saw each other, should be in 2011 New Year’s day go home at that time, and LZ (friends name) they eat together, he sat across from me, but obviously there is no common language, the entire table, didn’t say a word. From the table, he never said a word. I thought so thoroughly become strangers, completely no longer connect. The next day he find me, we are together one night, few words, may be it was passed to express canvas set of information. But I also feel he is more bitter in heart, he should be give up, should also waiting for me, but I still very relentless turned him down.

2011 years later, never saw, 12 years the last time he called me and I told him that I have a boyfriend, he asked me, I know not to know tears melt the rainwater flowing in the mouth what it is, I know, is a bitter, is painful, also hate. I finally failed to live up to him, 6 to 7 years of waiting, so thoroughly over, even friends can’t do movie canvas prints a stranger

12 years he wrote a log, the name “tonight”, content is: “is there a time to let you think of me, is there a song make you think of me, I don’t know, the road ahead is confused, slowly found that I miss, is so wrong in this life, but love can be drunk, but heart is so cool, do not belong to you who canvas prints, and always will be a fantasy, to know the dream is so far away, I don’t expect anything, because I hide you in the deepest place, down to the depths of the heart, I love you, but I’m… tonight to get wet in the rain once, let me in remembering the past, even those who do not belong to me.

Each time I see him this journal, my heart will be very sad, over the years, he never forgive me, always has been hate why I reject him flower prints on canvas love, have who can understand my feeling? Everyone idea is different, different views, practice is different also, of course, I would rather choose to remember you forever, with another kind of power would rather use heart to get along with you daily. Life is very long, I don’t want to pay.extremely frivolous when being in order to move and, I need to calm, step by step through the canvas or print my own real life. In the youth have you, enough. Dare not to expect too much, because young so doomed to nothing. Have been deeply hurt before, I say sorry, because I always has been very understand oneself want to feelings is what, you are very good, but not what I want in the future. The last hope you can live out yourself, brave to find belongs to own happiness life.

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