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That year in March, I was born in a peach blossom in full bloom painting on canvas season, canvas prints factory flowers are nice, but my birthday, but with peach blossom out, has nothing to do with spring.

I came to this world, do not seem to be popular, and I stay away from love, feeling and I wipe, because small, description and love is precious than gold, Ye Gusheng a son? It already has two elder brother, sister, I am insignificant, a birth, literally just shout, my life, canvas print australia and the dog and, synonymous with the cat.

A misfortune, let me upside down, the fate of almost fell into alternative bridge print pictures, rolled into inside the gates of the underworld, is immortal technique, let me off the hook, although close, but from now on all my life, and tossed about, all the canvas paper, all the hardships, use all the way, all the tears, like carrying a shell of a snail, roam in the long river of time, ai windy and rainy.

Abandoned that year in March, I was four years old, sent to thousands of kilometers away from my poor mountainous area, the family, becomes out of reach, I shout, cry day home in where? The orphan in where? The elder brother elder sister again in where? My young mind, learn the adults buy prints, kneeling on the ground to worship the day, pray for heaven alms a pity, I also the warmth of a home. Long distance, without friends, I do not know what is pain and I did not understand what loneliness is, only know that I like stray cats, night shouting mommy…

Years later, I still can’t get rid of fate, the adoptive parents printing on aluminium premature departure, let me once again fall into the whirlpool, cannot provide for oneself, at that time I was in adolescence, at an early age, wandering at the crossroads, to see where, where is dark, face the same tears hanging line, count the stars, look at the moon, vision, what does happiness look like?

Tears wash life, in addition to strong, I have no him, life, love, I love myself, love, my love; Work, bitter, my shoulder, vexed, my own reason; Myself, I laugh, my disease, I d, fate is taught me perseverance, is difficult study has taught me, is suffering taught me life, is lonely and taught me to find the feeling.

Golden years, picking up a debt of gratitude, I rejoice, picked up a love, I am happy, feeling better than gold or silver, who do I acrylic canvas friend, who I make happy, because I know how to cherish, love and love for me, don’t come easy. Love me the person, I would like to fully, the person I love, I am willing to horses and cattle ate, no matter to love and be loved, I am willing to bone might, to the rest of my life.

With good wishes, think about a better future, I lie in the arms of the march, bathed in the spring breeze of the march, but how also stretch don’t open my grief create a canvas heart, because march is complex that I can’t open it.

Near the peach blossom in full bloom, and close to my birth period, look at peach blossom smile, I want to cry, smell the peach blossom incense, I want to cry, may look back, the road in life, I hard to walk all the way, it gradually saw the dawn, tasted the sweetness of life.

Unfortunately, prints, how time flies, I was thinking, time to give my canvas art Australia online good how much ritual…? Postscript: my life is start from March 13th year (March 13, is the birthday of Yin leaves), photos to canvas said in March that year, so I deeply touched.

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