To warm a photo canvases cheap

When the first-year teacher, I almost ten hours a day on a lesson, canvas prints that time is the peak of postgraduate students toss teachers crazy, students at five cold wind blowing up occupying a seat, the teacher will be able to attend class six in the morning unkempt .

My character is very easily influenced people, are surrounded by positive energy of a madman, I naturally bad. Then ten hours a day on the slovenly beard, even three meals a day are not guaranteed, is not no time to eat, but do not want to eat, after all, to maintain the proper hunger adequate blood supply to the brain and higher efficiency in the classroom. Occasionally recess, while eating a chocolate cup of coffee, basically enough for a day.

At that time people are numb, regardless of their quality of life, only know the lesson Shanghao cannot delay the planned postgraduate students, and more worthy of their tuition. Another class connected to the end of a class, a student frown came away from the other students.

That night, I was tired to the limit, coupled with the continuous fighting did not eat lunch, go totally against the spirit insisted. The next class is one of Guo, Guo grinning into the classroom, as if hiding something, and slowly pulled out a box, the box containing her own beef stew, she told me: Ge, do not fight, try.

At that moment, my tears almost soared out.

People fear most, does not care about your loved ones, because people would think that the subconscious order canvas does not hello, you can order prints on canvas while holding a candle suddenly walked into the heart, the heart is ignited instantly.

I restrain touched lightly simply said thank you, class edge over eating beef.

After two hours each Guo’s class, more than two hours, I will ask a question one told her, she was taking notes very seriously, often for me, why always Tuotang? And I said, put I eat your dinner time minus ah.

She laughed very warm, said teacher hello warm ah.

I tell you my warm ah.

Later, I understand that people are the meat long, no one is iron, the same for everybody. When canvas orders are inexplicable warmth, always with the same temperature or a higher temperature to warm each other.

In fact, I will eat two minutes, but the more time is often more than half an hour.

Later in the day, I often encourage her to continue to work hard, after finished the research. We became very good friends.

The next year, Guo admitted to high school over her. She invited me to eat the food stalls. We already familiar, we joked, how did you remember to give me stew beef? Is not mean to let brother touched each lesson to you more about it?

Guy smiled and said, no, Ge, I just feel that although you are a teacher, but also need warmth, I just think, you are so good people, deserve warm the world.

I said your mouth, that you are deprived me ah.

Can be completed, it was moved, drinking a cup of wine.

That drinks a lot, she said that for her celebration, but it is full of gratitude.

Suddenly understand, big city lights, often pull farther apart; the bustling city, and there will always be people who gradually indifferent; emergence of social software to facilitate the exchange, has increased transaction costs, pull away the heart and mind.

We always complain about indifference, in fact, you can start from the warmth of everyone.

A casual smile, not a conscious hand, a section of tender white, can light each other’s heart.
‘I walked aimlessly in the city destination, lost the original mind. I busy, in order to make money, to become famous, to become virtuous and talented person, but forgot how to live. ‘

This sentence, I saw a book. It has become many people’s motto.

Under the neon lights, many portraits, like a zombie, chasing money, chasing the name. Forget the original idea.

That day, the sister from the United States came back, I get her at the airport, the station, each NPC bags, bustling, watching anxiously waiting at the station’s waving, looking for friends and relatives not seen in many years.

I quickly connected to the sister, she took her luggage, greeting a few words, on Xing hurried toward parking.

In front of a mother and son, mother dragging a box, carrying a bag, still holding a bag, the child was two years old, the mother did not hold her hand, so, she can only walk slowly.

Suddenly, the child falls, the child holding things scattered over the ground, she cried in the crowd, sounds great, but just look at the passers-by, no one forward and nobody cares.

Mother hands full of luggage, watching the fall of the children, suddenly lost in the crowd, overwhelmed, can only let the child cry.

We care for her not far, just ready to spread. Sister was suddenly pulled under.

She was sent to lift up the children, she grimaces, funny kids happy, children will soon stop crying.

I saw the sister in the past, but also to go talk to the mother chatted, to help her get a package to ease her feeling. We send them to the parking lot, my mother very contented smile, say thank you, leave a phone.

After they left, I asked the sister, why should get her?

Sister looked at me curiously and said. why not. Ah, should not it?

Yes ah, should not it?

Since when, we feel that helping others has now become a luxury peculiar thing.

My sister went on to say, in the United States, often with the older lady fall, there will be a lot of people helped, I saw the domestic news, and now this phenomenon, really very sad people.

A few months later, I took a script to a video site review. After watching the person in charge, did not let me change, but to say we’ll buy this script, with a nice price.

I was surprised, because they do not meet the routine, I’ve been to a lot of producers units produced, they will stop asking you to change, followed by the satisfaction you bargain, you give part of their income, to take all finally settled. But this time not sees how it ……

Then, he said, marketing manager we wants to see you.

I curiously walked into the office marketing manager, there sat a woman, thirties, she smiled and said: Shang Long, long time no see. At the airport, thank you and your sister.

You thought it was a piece. It is not.

Many coincidences in life, make good continuity and hatred will extend. Because what you sow, it will bring what fruit, what kind of person you are, you will attract what kind of ending.

Then you might ask, if she finally did not do anything for you, you help she will not regret?

Of course not, at least, your shot, achieve a world a better a little.

Also from then on, I learned not to count the cost to help others, even if it is your canvas printing, even if I do not even know him.

Do a warm transfer who themselves are very cheery.

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