There is a canvas prints call crazy

Night, open the music, and listen to the gardenia flower, heart, gently discourse is about thousands of words. Think of that year, that thing, that a light with you meet, met shallow sing with the past…

Gardenia blossom, remember once, shy you, pure and fresh, you hard to give up you, think of you more pure smile, look in the eyes of the pure, pure fragrance, the beautiful image of pure, just like gardenia blossom, so lovely, so white, so faint scent.

Gardenia flowers open, like a crystal clear spray bloom in my central sea! Gardenia flowers ah, pure love, pure love, night and day irrigation my light youth! Gardenia flowers ah, pure you, pure fragrance, always linger in my mind!

Clear light summer, gardenia, are in full bloom, a cluster, a cluster, dressed in white, lush green, only beautiful in the summer of the shallow.

Gardenia blossom, met very beautiful, beautiful to the extreme, is silent. Wipe the feelings in the heart, only the heart know. The light summer wind is very warm, very soft, like miss, season in the corner, will you watch. Read a person, only learned the QingJian years, shape is like a boat of time, if you know, would you please gently collection.

Like snow small zen said: \”among ten million of people, you meet those you’ve met, in ten million, time boundless wilderness, no early step, no later step, just met, is my life the most beautiful reason! Just like you, I, in ten million, only need to know, just miss, just a look, is the most beautiful meet, ever fall in love, never fall, in the summer of shallow shallow bosom friend, meet shallow.

If I did not meet you, I wouldn’t know, meet, there is a love at first sight, goodbye dedecates road, three see the whole city! If I did not meet you, I wouldn’t know, meet, there is a beautiful spring, bright as you, fragrance as you! If I did not meet you, I wouldn’t know, there is a kind of missing is very beautiful is very beautiful, beauty to tears! If I did not meet you, I wouldn’t know, there is a kind of meet, oceans, love, like the tide! If I hadn’t met you, I wouldn’t know, have a kind of emotion, pain with tears, and yearning, with a smile, twitter, read twitter, crazy!

Meet very beautiful, beautiful to shed tears; Flower is beautiful, beautiful to shed tears; Missing is beautiful, beautiful to shed tears; Love is beautiful, beautiful to tears!

Every morning, I will miss you much, so I will care you more. Every night, I want to read you some more, so I will miss you more! Every morning and night I want a little more sincere blessing for you, praying for you, so you’ll be more healthy and happy! You are my passionate, you are my obsession!

Every day every day because of your existence and extraordinary! Every day I will love you more! Every day I am sentimentally attached to you more! Every ordinary day, because of you become them! Think you very beautiful is very beautiful, every day because of you rippling layers of ripples of happiness! Insipid life up the waves of a happy because of you!

Only willing to life to go with you, may I love you only a person! And you would like to play a song \”love conquers all\”; And you would like to waiting for one season flowers far; And you would like to wait for the end of time. With you totally thousand flowers, lotus root pool pour I disappointed, a sad season, as soon as possible, the world of mortals world clutch, from now on, no longer ask all men are mortal, no longer tube originated because of ups and downs, and since then, only willing to let your heart leaf boat, only the spring does not load! Would like to use life deep feeling warm your eyebrow eye, may use I chi bound with you deeply…

Night not ended, \”yu, lingering heart, listen to music, lie on the bed, gently gently soft soft music to accompany me into the depths of the memory. Miss, smell, memory, deeply shallow shallow. A heart light point, miss a tender feelings sweet meaning, read quietly and gently as soon as possible, have how much hope, including how much romantic! A drop of tears, a joy, a wisp of obsession, a miss, who are required a bit unreal dream thoughts, on a paper softly, deeply shallow smell embrace, embrace passage, hug to each other between heaven and earth the sun!

Memories, thoughts, with a tender feelings, with a sweet heart! In smoke, miss you, miss, love drunk at night! When the hometown in my dream, you are a long white dress and a head of show hair and waist, graceful, dance, clothing waitresses, long hair, flowing like a fairy, if you have a pure and fresh and graceful and restrained, pure elegant qing lotus, have a graceful demeanour bloom for me and my heart is the beautiful image of you drunk dream, like flowers bright, bright like a dancing butterfly, the drunk fell in the dream of touching, into canvas print rain tears, warm the heart, wet eye, drunk on the soft bottom of my heart! Rainy night, feeling the gentle, missing, worried about deeply shallow, high and low…

In life, there is always a time meet, let landscape been together; There is always a heart, let the world change us disappear. A debt of gratitude, in the whistle of the wind, soft, that is my word gently to you; A read, tender feelings, in the rain gently the dance, that is my gentle to you.

Love a person, can each other’s eyes, is the most beautiful scenery, can know each other heart, is the induction of the most beautiful!

In life, there is always a person, gently read out, is the sweetness of the corners, quietly remind of, is choosing stretch; Have a look, a gentle gaze, it is affection leisurely, there is a heart, gently jump, love is like the tide, has a name, gently calling, is the oceans. Beautiful love can not make, cherish a feeling, is really to caress, love a person, just pure to love more.

Like this kind of feeling, pure, warm, only lukewarm, sweet, and gentle! Dear you, I hope we are pure, real, warm warm caring, sweet miss, a good life, quietly waiting for you, for a lifetime,, also don’t abandon!

If there is no one to miss, again beautiful days, also all bear a grudge. Heart is read, feeling warm, ordinary days become extraordinary because of you; Miss you every day is a beautiful and splendid! Even nervous work again painstakingly again tired, I think you will smile; Every time I read a strange sad sad words, because I think of you; Miss you, will open the cell phone to see your photos, stare at your sweet smile, so I just smiled happily. When no one night, I will miss you tore heart crack lung cannot extricate oneself! Miss you, infatuated…

A person’s time, suddenly heard a sad love song, and then single cycle in tears, because I miss you; Think of you every morning bell and evening drum reminders in the pious pray for you bless for you. Write a person quiet, always likes to quietly put you written into words. Think you, moon is spring flowers, summer lotus snow in romance. Think you, no matter the ends of the earth, all the time on your twitter, stupid. Think you, everywhere, all the time, opened its eyes miss you, miss you close your eyes, bowed their heads and think of you looking up, eat miss you, miss you sleep, think you even feel you breathing familiar breath, even the air you light hair…

“The good luck are gentleman a review, make me think you towards dusk”, no matter where, no matter when, no matter through the mountains, or through the water, you are in my eyes, in my heart, in my thoughts. Think you, can’t help it, read you, love most, worried about you, though. Coils of thoughts, hidden in the cloud, waiting for you to read; Deeply miss, into soft rain, gently kiss your face, thick sentimentally attached, with the wind, gently blowing your face…

That year today, in a hurry we waved a don’t, since you left, I to you are not forget for a moment! Whatever you don’t read and read, I will let the coloured glaze heart love for you. No matter accumulation and dispersion I knit a ChiJingLian quietly in the deep and remote dream, dip in a jiangnan cloud rhyme, portray every morning evening as spotless. Can you understand, your persistence is not regret, even if the wordless, I am delighted. The footsteps of love with you, I no longer messy, aficionado no longer flow, feeling the world with you, even if the gray day, I also have a live flesh…

Three thousand of moss, read only a wisp of, just to you; Dust three thousand silk, read only a wisp of, only for you; Three thousand vexed silk, only hurt a person, just to you; Three thousand string, only love one person, only for you; As a world flowers numerous, take off a love alone; President of world jiao mei flower, take off a flow alone; Ren qunfang hundred of world, only love a show; There is beautiful and charming, only love a luck, Rhea tenderness, for whom the world dream fetch entangles, heartbroken. Frigid heart, gaze tears for who steal zero, weep. Myriad myriad miss, tenderness, the soft thick whisper, deep shallow feelings, into canvas printing into tears in the pigment ink!

If water three thousand, fallen for you! No matter you in and out, I have been; Whether you read or not read, I have been read. Days later, if can, I wish prosperity to abandon, and refused to temptation than heavy heart, such as lotus, grace calmly and surplus a knot of zen, as time passed, the wind to the cloud, not sad not pleased, only for you, for you to read…

In life, there is always a time meet, let the landscape nestle, as you and I; There is always a move to tianya zhichi, as you and me. A debt of gratitude, in the whistle of the wind, soft, that is my word gently to you; A read, tender feelings, in the rain gently the dance, that is my gentle to you.

Life is the most beautiful scenery, is you in, I was in, often in warm and sweet. Love, slowly flowing in the heart, silent and warm; Affection, in eyebrow peak soft unfold.a, silent is also happiness. Warm care, gentle kissing, is the most beautiful in my life waiting for you.

To each other’s eyes, is the most beautiful scenery, can know each other heart, is the induction of the most beautiful!

Attachment in heart, and went in the eyes, heart, only for you; Three thousand drowning, I only take a gourd ladle drink! Idle sorrow, twist a wisp of reading for you; T move, is caring for you; An obsession, it is for your canvas printing online. Take a fall, is drawn for you.

If water three thousand, fallen for you! Written time, the drunk pillow ink, the latter into delusion, for you write poetry, beginning with the love at first sight, had written at the end!

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