There are four recommendations for part-time photographer

Not every photographer to become a full-time photographer goal. Many photographers just outside of their part-time work meet more than the interest, canvas prints au to earn extra money. However, to become a successful freelance photographer is not easy, these tips may be able to give you some tips:
1. Select the task of shooting: shoot a wedding or shooting night work

For most professional photographers shooting the event (events, such as news, conferences) is the main source of income. There are many events take place on weekends or evenings. This part-time photographers to provide some opportunities, if you do not mind even on weekends or evenings Fortunately the hard work, photos on canvas then wedding photography would be a good choice.
2. Upload their works to the micro-gallery

Micro Gallery is a very good platform to carry out the sale of the work activities. A characteristic of the micro-gallery – commercial works are more popular than works of art.

First sales in the micro-gallery photographer have started his full-time photography. Photography can be a part-time photographers at the weekend, upload pictures at night – Note Keywords (tags) when you upload pictures, keyword search will allow people to find your work.
3. Photography peripheral products

Photos are not the only photographers can sell. You can put his excellent work printed on T-shirts, mouse pad sales and publicity. Photographers can play all the imagination to make full use of their works, or even to establish their own independent brand.
Custom canvas online and my canvas prints to provide such a good service platform for photographers. Added design elements in the works are a very good idea.
4. Try Publications

All the photographers the most coveted thing in a large number of readers to buy enjoy their photo album, and now, there are many independent printers can undertake small-scale printed photo album. Good idea might attract a group of theme and content, select your topic of interest bookstores consignment. Or, simply networking friends, create an independent magazine.

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