There are four photographic limitations that are worth a try

Digital photography, the people really hard to bring convenience, canvas prints but also reduces the threshold for entry photography, so that more people have access to photography, but sometimes some convenience, will unknowingly hold everyone growing up Speed, the so-called ‘born in hardship, died of happiness’, when the convenience became a habit, when one day did not these ‘convenience’ is not a mess? In the practice of photography, may wish to try to look at the following practice program to limit their photographic conditions, maybe there will be some technical breakthroughs.

Restriction Exercise 1: Press shutter times (number of photos)
Compared to traditional photography, digital photography, one of the greatest convenience is that there is no limit on the number of shots. To the benefits of thinking, this reduces the cost of learning photography, but also to novice more ‘practice’ (wrong?) Space; to the downside, not the so-called ‘negatives’ and the cost burden, we press the shutter more affordable , It is easy to develop the habit of ‘random gun bird’, which is why some people would recommend some photographic learners to use the film machine to practice the reason. General common traditional film basic 36-38 sheets of restrictions, each press a shutter to less one, according to the 36 possible film to run out, have to spend money to buy a roll of new. Because of the limitations of the number of sheets, forcing the photographer in the shutter before the careful thinking, including composition, the meaning of shooting and the like, to increase the sensitivity of their photography.
Of course, is not to say that we must use a camera to practice photography, digital cameras can do this exercise, for self-control better friends, you can shoot before going out for themselves a number of restrictions, such as 15, 20, or simply set into a common film of 36. If self-control is not good, you need to ‘real’ restrictions, it may be possible to choose only a limited memory card capacity, and then go out shooting. With a certain limit, perhaps we can press the shutter in front of more thinking, exercise, ‘take 10, Zhang wonderful’ skill, than always casually took a lot, go home and then pick it feel good Level more on a layer.

With the past to shoot the heart of the film to deal with digital photography, practice carefully press every shutter.
Limit Exercise 2: Fixed focus shooting
Zoom lens is very convenient, especially in some focal lengths of the lens is not small, often used in tourism as long as a mirror of a machine can conquer the world, even if not too close to the subject, but also by zooming to shoot some close-up picture, Move the footsteps. Yes ah, novice entry with a zoom lens is indeed more convenient, but also to observe their more commonly used focal lengths fall which e, but if you have to practice a certain stage, try to use only fixed focus lens shot to see, may find another A piece of heaven and earth. –
Fixed focus lens shooting, forced to shoot must rely on ‘personally’ to frame, frame out the desired picture. For example, with 24 or 35mm fixed focus lens, shoot children, may have to really come to them, squat down to shoot; shoot the flowers on the ground, may really have to ‘put down figure’ But I believe in this process, we can find more of their usual did not notice the blind spots, whether in technology or beauty, etc., may have another round of new insights.

Want to practice fixed focus shooting, full-frame players can start to try from the 50mm, while the APS-C size of the user can select the focal length of the lens in the 28mm ~ 35mm between the focus lens to start.
Limit Exercise 3: Same Subject
Usually take pictures, many people like to take a walk while shooting, and capture all kinds of good picture, but do not know if you have not tried to shoot the same thing or the experience of the scene? It can be a bouquet of roses, a tree, a house, a sculpture, a street corner, etc., and you can find ways to take it from a variety of different angles, different techniques, or even different times, force. Perhaps the beginning of the trial may be able to shoot some of their own feel very boring photos, of course, may also find a particular point of view, the accumulation of time, and may become a series of works. In the end there will be any results, try to know, this is not more exciting?

We think a tree how many kinds of shoot it?
Restriction Exercise 4: zero after the system
Digital photography is one of the ultra-convenience, post-production technology, it makes photography more diverse, and sometimes it is also easy to develop bad habits, the film will not be too pursue the screen ‘perfect’ Small to some of the screen display details, such as the debris on the table, Matou body strange clothes creases, etc., large for exposure, composition and other basic requirements, holding ‘first shot almost like, anyway, later Or you can adjust the remedy ‘mentality.
If you do not take the system as a prerequisite to take pictures, is not able to force yourself in all aspects of the shooting are doing a bit more in place? When shooting sketches, emphasizing the furnishings and the details of the screen clean, to capture light and shadow, the effort to bring up the ideal parameter values, the hearts of the ideal screen. This exercise, the beginning will take a lot of time and patience (Editor’s Note: really a good time to challenge yourself !?), but if it persevered, presumably to have a qualitative leap, at the same time, can also cultivate a Kind of good behavior (compiled by: perfectionism?).

To shoot after the system can not see the photos, is it a big challenge?
Comprehensive exercise
If some of these challenges have been successfully completed, you can also try ‘compound’ exercises, such as ‘practice 1 plus practice 2’, ‘practice 1 plus practice 4’, or all together to perform Look at the ‘limit of the law’ to see whether to stimulate their greater potential.

Constantly challenge themselves in order to make photography skill rising!
Above a few exercises, really need determination, perseverance, stamina and courage (?) To successfully complete, if you want to not rely too much on digital, accelerate their progress, please refueling one by one successful

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