The three characteristics of travel photography

A trip photos, it is people favorite one is both meaningful and interesting activities. To take good travel photos first to understand the basic characteristics of travel photography. What, then, canvas factory what are the characteristics of travel photography?

The main characteristic is travel photography Pay attention to people and scene.
Travel photography, mainly records when visiting tourists can see, smell, calendar, canvas prints and feeling. People every arrive at a site of the scenic spots, ancient trails, always willing to take a picture, to herself in the beauty of nature in Scene, take back as a permanent stay. Tourism of the different characteristic, make travel photography become a heavy scene objects and characters, between characters between photography and landscape photography, is both the point of photography category. It requires giving consideration to people and landscape. According to the travel photography This requires both natural, vivid characters, scenery with strong aesthetic feeling and characteristics, the characteristics of tourist photographs taken in, on the one hand, pay attention to the selection of full of beautiful scenery as background and with local characteristics, but also must take into account the performance of the main body person, photos on canvas try to make both the combination of the beauty and harmony, received the scene and set off each other the artistic effect.

The second is capture and poses combine together.
Pose, with the most expression is travel photography. Family travel or a collective memory, the total love neatly lined up a row or a few lines.”Visit” photos, also mostly chosen back first scene, will arrange in the appropriate position characters again. Technique taken at the mercy of the use of “insurance” as a souvenir, although admittedly, sometimes even will be, but compared with those in the process of people marching, 3322, have their own position, snapping photos when talk to each other, but some unavoidable appear drab and inflexible. Tourism is a kind of extremely rich fun entertainment; travel photography is a faithful record of tourist activities. Therefore, the picture vivid nature, do you have any thick life breath, is often a key of success or failure in tourism photo. In travel photography, in addition to using technique at the mercy of some “a visit to the” memorial, also might as well use the technique of capture, do not add in some shooting, picnics, such as walking, cooking, camp fire, entertainment, mountain climbing, wading, talk, keep a diary, swimming, games, parties, as well as the mutual help and so on unique tourism living scenes, reflect the rich and colorful tourism life. In fact, although a technically flawed, but the picture more live over photos, no heavy hair than technology Disease is too inflexible photos more popular. Because the photos that make many years before, still can help you recall shadow human voice, arouse your memory of the beautiful tourist living.

The third characteristic of travel photography is based on widely subjects.
Tourism is a knowledge comprehensive activities, tour the footprint of the hiker any location. On the tour, tourists have a chance to contact with many kinds of a variety of things, gather various each kind of lens, as long as you have a broad interest, pay attention on the trip, will likely get a variety of valuable photos. Not just to visit souvenir picture, and to eat, live, behavior within the basic capacity of the subject and contents of tourism life documentary is photography, rare animals, plants, beautiful natural scenery, and has a taste of the local conditions and customs, can all be taken into your camera. If you are interested, you can also take some photos of scientific knowledge, such as geomorphology, geology, geography, volcanic rock, fault; Vegetation communities and grow, internal structure and regional characteristic and the shape of all kinds of plants, and specimens; Kinds of animals, population, living habits, appearance, ecological environment, and climate characteristics, archaeological finds, building structure and singular phenomenon and so on, which will greatly broaden your horizons, increase your knowledge, bring you very big fun.

Characteristics of tourism photography, of course, there are many, is not limited to the above points, but I think that the person being on the artistic scene pay equal attention to, pay attention to grasp the pendulum on the technique of filming, and based on the universality of content, is the most fundamental travel photography, and photography is different from other kinds of three main characteristics.

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