The modern canvas paintings

Today is weekend, adults not children don’t go to school to work, doing have to get up so early. Is still in a daze photo to canvas print is on the street when cries shout woke up, looked up at the window, canvas factory the day has big bright, just foggy couldn’t see the distant trees.

Although outdoor fog, can still lively very, birds chirping, uncle aunt who had gathered in the street talk, cries or according to the point in time, yesterday the weather forecast said it is unfavorable to an activity, seem to be of the rural people are not afraid dead, so big photo print to canvas fog or life step by step. We have to get up, or open the door will usher in a few words of fun ridicule. To show not lag behind others, everyone in a hurry to put on clothes to the streets around a circle, and you say hello to go home to wash, cook, ha, hard-working people are looked down on lazy photo on canvas prints.

Had not too early for breakfast yield to the temptation of the lively, canvas prints australia calling on the children to do homework at home, my wife and I are going out with the citizen rambled, very lively, unknowingly arrived at noon. Just digital photo to canvas print breakfast in the belly going home for lunch, still warm at this time of day to see two head or mist, the street in distant buildings, ha, this is the ancient people said famous art prints fairyland.

Home hastily have something about the neighbor’s drive to the town once a week’s big rally, because is still in the fog shrouded, let the children at home waiting for the delicious printing in Australia to take home. Highway because of the fog closed, but our township road car to car go, senior fashion car, tricycle in run, bike leisurely, I really don’t know what kind of car can represent our standard of living. A car, haven’t see for what is hidden in the cloud and mist, and my acquaintances just a greeting acquaintances were behind I prints online fog around. But is good soon came to the town, alas, town is different from the countryside, there is no bike many more, so I see a left a right two long car Long Yina north slowly creep, alas, penetration during the print artworks people really like the dragon fish yue’s lieutenants. On both side of the street vendor stand, they don’t seem to know now is in midwinter, watching them enthusiastically sell your goods as the dog days will come, the head canvas prints for sale online steam fog thought it was them out of the sweat.

Our car a little bit finally climbed onto the eye printed canvases, and everybody got off while walking to see both sides of the shops, and stop the foot back carefully selected, from time to time for goods to comment on some kind of look forward to the enthusiasm in the vendor and roared off. I was shopping the driver looked at the women really like watching a comedy, too tired, just hands took more and more.

So tens of thousands of how to hang the canvas prints and we as aimless wandering in the street, to buy their like prints onto canvas, eating just bought snacks, and of these people as if I was the only one still on the lookout for now or winter, and the mist worse. But I also was gradually canvas paintings online Australia, attracted by the lively scene; we drove the car until leave town with the car said: yi, much smaller when fog ratios. I just to watch on the weather, fog did little, days am a lot colder than here

It’s getting dark, and went home happy is our high quality art prints a weekend, a weekend in the fog. While in others it seems pointless, but we had a happy, happy for us, what can be comparable to let a person feel happy?

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