Printing photographs on canvas

I am a bad zebra print canvas, because now I A person looking at the empty house, canvas factory thinking of just go one day little a, feel myself is too narrow, and then endure!

Small is a younger sister’s classmate, study medicine floral prints on canvas, talented students, come to our hospital internship this city A few months, stay at home. First animal print canvas1 months to get along with more harmonious, feel her character, cheerful, likes to laugh, canvas prints can cook, evaluation to her good, lived for the two of us in the home, so I can buy vegetables, cooking, eating together every day, climb a mountain to go shopping together on the weekend watching movies.

Wouldn’t it be nice if life only such as first. People in a long time transfer print to fault after the canvas to get along with each other, when began to don’t like, photo on canvas again small problems are all in the mind of the thorn.

Feel disgusted because for the first time to see the kitchen garbage mildew, usually I will be the next garbage, but uncle died suddenly in the home, I walked for five days, come back to see garbage tesco canvas prints for an instant, all the sadness came back, feel what is bad. From then on began to pay attention to some of her behavior, the woman is so boring, and then let us blame and uncomfortable.

She almost forgot to bring my keys out once every couple of days initially got this call I joked, careless! More is disgust, because personally I also can have such as costco canvas prints, but not you forgot the key I will go home to save you. More people can be careless; careless is folly, not cute. With the key is useless, she will always be canvas printed knocking at the door, knocking at the door is wrong? Not wrong, but when have things, when the other party have the key, the number is much. When I tactfully tell her to remember to bring the key, that I have hurt her walmart canvas prints expression, make me feel is my problem. I complained to his family.

I don’t know how her family, but what is like to buy, don’t like to lose, on television, eyes staring at the tablet variety han drama god, soaking the foot to eat fruit, spit the seed all fruit tray, with my gallery wrap canvas prints sunscreen, use everyday, with the lid tight, never add water to the water cooler, I never casually mention on the door stretched canvas printing garbage, in the case of I make a phone call to blow hair, regardless of other people’s feelings. I complained to his family. These little things, before I did not notice may be not a problem, but when you hate a person: feet are mostly shortcomings.

I hate to her vertex to the where can I get a canvas print very suddenly, sometimes is just a point. That morning I put the rubbish cleaned the toilet, before going out one afternoon on trash a used sanitary towel in the trashcan barrel, so big trash can, how can not throw garbage, garbage bags of or used sanitary napkin, the in the mind hated it. I complained to his family.

Slowly canvas portraits I don’t want to talk to her, she’s all behavior, sister let me endure, with actions influence her, how old is she, I also want to isn’t me too sensitive. Some things may be she didn’t notice that, in your own habits, living in me and it is not at home, so don’t need too to pick these small things that appear very bury myself.

Things turn again, once was my body uncomfortable, want to drink ribs stew white melon, practice the guitar to the kitchen, when I see not a white melon sparerib soup, see only a few no meat gallery wrapped canvas ribs. I want to cry, but I didn’t, because she is embarrassed smile. The next day do meal, call me to dinner, I see, loss of appetite, immediately dishes all before her own, her eyes staring at the plate. I want to cry, but I didn’t, took a picture and asked my sister to see no problem? When did she finish internship? I complained to his family.

The last time let me feel completely is a tutor, I caught a bad cold that day, especially like to eat chicken soup (complain afterwards just know originally cold drink chicken soup), dragging the debris of the body to boil a pot of soup, results poor appetite, drink some soup, never expected, she eat chicken poster canvas one. Shang Wen when I happy the next day, for half a day just to react, in addition to the chicken feet what also have no. From that day on I never talk to her, she felt, too, so I come out her bedroom. I complained to his family.

Yesterday she was gone, things haven’t take, I don’t feel well, I think she told me to complain too much, let me become fussy wubi, let me very bad personality, and free canvas is struggling in my mind, even let I began to think about married life how to do, so I am phoebe in friends, i.e., but the reality prove that I’m monica. If you call her and tell her the reason why I attitude change, will hurt? Why do I feel these are problems before, now it is not enough tolerance?

Resist it at the time, but the results I am angry, complain, do it ourselves, relations to A deadlock, small A thought is my character has A problem. I also don’t know what to say, this several days in self-reflection cancas prints. Small A don’t know why I slowly cold, eye, I should have said to her! Now even to her again in front of me I still deep-rooted don’t like her, but I canvasprint one thousand is to be the problem?

Resist it at the time, I still that not fussy create your own print me, reading, mountain climbing, eat, watch movie together. I think is that, good communication, I can solve all the problems.

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