Printing artwork to sell

These days, the weather is very cold, the minimum temperature is close to 20 degrees below zero, and its a few years rarely had the custom size photo canvas. Under it, the window of my house can be noisy. Different sceneries changing every day, today, the north of the bedroom window, a day didn’t, canvas factory, elegantly paper-cut unique, natural tiancheng, if you are interested, might as well look at it with me.

This one, like what ah, ice crop of mercy on frame for the canvas print firmly, without a gap, like the vast desert, there is a tree in the middle, tilted, just 45 degrees with the ground, the tree can be thick, there seems to be more than one thousand years, is weathered, it seems to be in the middle fracture, and in the fractures, long out of the finely leaves, and the split in high quality canvas prints holes sealed cover, canvas prints online australia print old trees sprout vomit, getting a new lease, what kind of tree is it? So stubborn, so stubborn, p. euphratica! Yes, must be because the desert! I have some exciting at the thought of this, some excitement, my heart suddenly flew to the desert, thought of the undead, one thousand, died in one thousand, down one thousand immortal desert Euphrates poplar. Don’t know where seen within own canvas art in a poem in my breast TiaoDang: “through the big bang, would be the baraka, magical populus euphratica, creates a green and hope of life, deep in the middle of the desert, p. euphratica showing the beauty of life picture scroll, on the treeless usual photos’ at the end of the gobi, p. euphratica gao ting, never bend back! P. euphratica, why are you so artistically majestic, huge deep, character, his long David tang?! It is the soul of the Chinese nation, cast in your body?

By the deep desert, the line of sight is another scene. A curved own picture on canvas, stream flowing slowly, the river of grass, clusters, clusters, rippling in the breeze, the leaves are so fat, so strong roots, there seems to be a weeping willow trees flourishing in the breeze sway to the shore, the breeze is blowing, swaying, like with the wind ensemble with a symphony. Late Autumn River, patches of reed unfurled, white personalised photos on trivia, glittering and translucent dewdrop in flashing, oh, in the middle of the water, what is that image? Is if you are depicted in a book of photos to art image? So, what are you waiting for, who is waiting for you? You are xi in succession, or divorce? Love, is so let a person blurred, everyone is an actor, are deduced, not ending, who can know her photographs printed on canvas?

Standing in the river, overlooking the distance, the distance that a piece of crops, the movie is long, rows and rows of neat, it seems that more than half a foot, plants so small, how to get photos on canvas can work long thick tall, mature, seed? Remember when I was a kid, I village kind of corn seeds, the earing, I also took it bugs, then got up before dawn every day, in the fields, a tree a tree to check, that also hate bugs, dedicated to maize seedling family photo on canvas in the core, have to pay, the childhood of worms fear me, how much is a challenge, this time, still have to fertilization, spray insecticide, don’t know how many times over, the crops would be packed, can be in this way, a year down, also not much gain. Farmers pay toil and they how to print photos on canvas at home compared to harvest, really cannot match. How much rice will become a bowl of glistening rice? How many grains of corn, to become a bowl of thick hominy? Behold dishes, each all pain, that’s not poetry, and it is true. Thrift is glorious, waste shameful, to any age, people should have such idea, and waste is a crime. Because, waste. I’m sorry, you sorry farmer, the earth. Besides, the earth wrapped photo canvas resources are limited, who also have no power waste, not more qualified to luxury.

From crops just return to absolute being, a mountain stands in front; the mountains are so high, steep, narrow squeak, mount Tai, or the west huashan? Because, I saw a waterfall hung on the maekawa, plunges three thousand feet, like the Milky Way falling nine days, the crystal water down the cliff, pentium tesco photos on canvas in Japan in the steep mountain road, and turn seven took, went into a mountain, into the portrait that tomas one blue on canvas pool, the pool can be clear, spread around, let people couldn’t help thinking of zhu zi-qing’s plum rain pool, she easily ZhouXie, like a young woman dragged skirts; She sliding wedding photo canvas bright, like the “MingYou” generally. This pool, much like a mirror, inlay in the mountains, not only to the mountain spirituality, still can let person mind was clear, the pool, much like dashan’s eyes, so clear, so clear, so polluted now, want to come, the water should be green and environmental protection.

Nature is so considerate, freezing, this is no scenery outside, only the bare asda photo canvas branches fork, like a sword stab to the sky, make a person feel cold, but now, it is the beauty of the scenery, painting in the window, let you never leave home, can make the world beautiful scenery to see enough, today is a mountain, the river, square photo prints the tomorrow is plain and desert, today is the flowers in full bloom, tomorrow is a green leaf, spring, summer, autumn and winter, four seasons scenery, everything, beautiful. Don’t you think that photo montage canvas, life is very happy, very sweet?

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