Popular shooting theme

The recent re-deployed, canvas prints patted and other magic hour of sunrise and sunset photos, but was noticed during many film friends at the time of shooting the sunset, you see a lot of hurry to leave after the sun goes down, perhaps part of the remote location, they rush the home before dark bar. If you are also a part of this, it is thought to missed a lot of beautiful magic hour of it!
Magic Hour
The so-called miraculous hour, which means before sunrise and after sunset, canvas prints australia online changing light in the sky. Since the sun near the horizon, a large number of blue lights are scattered out, make the sky orange-red hue. You can also look at the future changes in the weather, pay attention to before sunrise and half an hour after sunset to one hour, the color of the sky a little unpredictable and fleeting, you should grasp the opportunity to shoot every minute.
Magic Hour Popular shooting theme

Solve the brightness contrast
When the sun hanging in the sky, photos to canvas australia because the light difference is sizable, a lot of shoot out, the prospects are not too dark sky is too bright. To solve this problem, in addition to PS, the most effective regarded shakes the black card. The so-called shake black card, in fact, not a function or setting the camera, but a shooting technique. To shake the black card, the first to be established, of course, it is a black card. Black card is not particularly limited as long as they can be opaque, but usually uses a black cardboard, and every time I pick up the wallet to shake.

Shake black card method
Shake black card is very simple, just to render the best results every time, but it takes the time to hone. Facing a large difference in the light of heaven and earth, the first metering against the sky, and then on the ground with the camera metering prospects, after metering, the exposure time is assumed that the sky is 1 second, the ground for an exposure time of 5 seconds, which when the camera can be set to M mode, use B shutter. Seen from the outside view finder, a chance to file a black card range sky, then remembers this position. Then you can press the shutter (use a tripod and cable release it), when you press the shutter, constantly shaking up and down the black card, the amplitude should be fine, but the frequency is higher, then the number of the heart, one second, two seconds, 3 seconds, 4 seconds, and then release the black card, until the camera exposure is completed. Why four seconds? Just now, that metering, exposure sky just one second, five seconds exposure to the ground, so we take the number of the first 4 seconds to open the black card, so you can get a sky and ground exposure also accurate photos. So why continue to shake the black card? Because they do not shake, photos will appear significantly different because the exposure time divider.

Shooting magic hour
To take a magic hour, in fact, not to special skills. Light poor as much, the same can be solved by shaking a black card. When shooting next best tripod and cable release to shoot low into, aperture can also be smaller and a little to f / 7.1 to f / 16, to obtain optimum imaging. In addition, gently adjust the exposure compensation to -1/3 files, which also can be drawn more rich colors. White balance can also be straightforward to ‘sun’ mode, or manually adjust the number of K directly to obtain more brilliant colors.
Shooting direction
To sunset, for example, we will of course shoot toward the direction of the sun, but when the sun goes down, began to emerge when the sunset, take a look at the surrounding landscape is not imitation, not only because the magic hour is often seen in the direction of the sun. Very often we just look at the direction of the sun, to see the sunset appears they kept shooting, but it will ignore that there is more beautiful scenery in the back. This is a problem for the novice and veteran often encountered.

Using the lens
Looking at this spectacular scenery, we wanted to use the camera to shoot the most extensive, but some people say that photography is a subtraction, so do not be greedy but also to all views included in the picture, it will only make a photo lose body. When shooting landscapes such, in addition to wide-angle lens, fat can get a 70-200mm lens to shoot, sometimes unexpected results.

Magic word hour, in recent years has been less heard, although I have no idea why, but I say it now, I feel like a little old-fashioned.

Shake on black card, the Hong Kong people do not actually use, probably accustomed to using PS bar. In fact, PS has also limited, if the camera and present their skills will want direct screen shot out, then why not use this method? A few years ago often to Taiwan, found the people of Taiwan to shoot sunset, most of the black card will use Shake way. Shake blank card can be considered a shooting technique, hope it will not be lost in Hong Kong, and it was replaced by PS.

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