Our those years on photos canvas

Breathe the unique summer air; feel the surprisingly quiet giclee print night. Previous scenes like a movie, bit by bit in the brain flash do not know in the darkness of night whether there will be still and now I like, in silently thinking about those years, those things.
Time flies. Youth is not, memory does not exist, a lot of time how to feel under the University before the age of innocence. Nonetheless, in the dream there are traces of, wake up, but no trace. When the return to familiar with the canvas prints in Perth, listening to familiar songs, watched the familiar people, just send now own the original is no longer the original oneself. Along the way, many people, many things, had faded from the original poster art that pure color, even the surrounding landscape are like a passing cloud of smoke, not to be we pursue is already find to the footprints. Suddenly feel that life gradually less a lot of things. Turn over the past print on canvas pictures, turned over the memories of the past, look at yourself now, today’s memory, the former has long ceased to exist, leaving only the dribs and drabs memories. It seems that everything is in a hurry.
Like a train journey of every hue. There will always be people who get off; there is always a person to get on the bus, until the end of the moment. In life, perhaps it is also because of this: because some people into, so the story will become so buy prints online colorful; also because some people leave, the story will be become so unusual. And the pace of time always go buy canvas too fast, fast to let us all not to cherish, to retain, to forget some things. One also doesn’t know to recall the past right and wrong, or the face the pain and joy in the past. Also occasionally in inadvertently will remember past many perhaps should be forgotten, perhaps the mind of those people, those things.
Gradually the custom canvas online to understand in the course of his life, although a lot of people just acted as a traveler. But still miss those together through the time, experience together bit by bit. Trance as if they thought the years print pictures that smile, seemed to see the ever present, those figures and scenes, and the story. Can’t remember the arrival of some people, cannot remember some people away. The breeze like a dissipated, all print Sydney traces become slim. Although I don’t know what to forget how much, remember how much. But whether it is familiar or unfamiliar, himself seems to have never forget, just do not know why; suddenly do not want to them. Miss the more, the more forget and forget to buy prints more, want to find also more and more the. Just once in the chapters of a novel saw the words: “youth so ruthless afterwards the, when we set foot on this no signposts canvas direct journey, back across to the road, those who have gone through the years, those who once wrote a story, in the time of the diffraction turned into a life can not erase the memory.”
Only to find the original unknowingly, a lot of things have changed with their own become the two never intersect again urban road prints parallel lines. Who do not know what the next second, I will meet who, next moment they will how life. If a second met some people or life is very full. If a second did not encounter those people, then your life whether will be the same as before. No much change? The four words as if the key opened the heart the door closed for a long time print photos on the canvas door memories. Finally came to understand yourself right now is so nostalgic, very afraid of some people will because of his sentence, while leaving their. Many always insist on doing things, in fact is not oneself truly so like, yourself and not really online print care so much about. Perhaps, just in time used to develop a habit.
But come to an end! A song no matter how nice, have come to an end. Flowers and trees, then the United States will have withered Audrey Hepburn canvas, long way, it will eventually head. Always think something of his own experience is not less, but slowly found the original experience that wasn’t worth mentioning. But to the past life add a little color, let the life is not monotone only! But young canvas Australia photo we’re better and always thought that time would come to us. But find that time has changed us Always thought that missing will close us But found that Miss blocking us Always thought that love will help us But found that the feelings of hurt us Always thought a lot of things Slowly become so prints online Australia buy do not disagree The faces are gradually blurred And the voices fade away Those friends gradually. Those memories fade away
Hugh everything, even a lot of time again how Marilyn Monroe canvas reluctant to accept no avail. Some people for the so-called love can gradually alienate some people. Some people to the cause of the so-called can also be gradually forgotten by some people. Gisele printer, to the so-called dream can have no scruples to escape some. Some people, for their own selfish desires more can have an arbitrary to hurt some people. All the various many buy art prints online remains a lot of, want to understand better, want to understand, just from their own memory gradually dusty!

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