Our spring and summer as photo printing Australia

We never know what is called the years applique, but with each other for a spring and summer. Outside is very beautiful, in the remote mountain area, air pollution has not been too serious, and the children every night will also be able to smell the fragrance in the field, and looking up at the stars with the sky and twinkling and canvas sale dream. Night never have cities in the country as the lights decayed, not flash to the human eye pain large canvas wall art beam, no heavy metal music, without the crowds, by contrast, it is just a quiet child.

In the distance a few electric cars emit printing photos on canvas seemed brilliant lights, outside the house a few villagers hold a cattail leaf fan, side sitting at home in front of the stone on Lao homely, rural children or wild, with a few small flashlight was jammed ran to catch insects inside grass, women like to get together and talk about children, woven knitting a sweater.

In town was very quiet, with children play sound abstract canvas prints, faint still hear the dog barking that owner, Hezekiah pig is called, the distance from the car, and who went home. Gentle wind to blow, drunk, the willows on the green grass, it is the earth high quality photo printing fragrance, send to every household. The country never too cold in the night, the fire in the house is very prosperous, Mars is accompanied by sound crackling firewood and slowly ascended cokes.

The girl in the room can’t see it, there is no light, no sound, black custom prints the ceiling, black air, large space, she curled up on the bed, trying to use the body wrapped in a quilt, she wanted to go out and play with his companions, she want to go to see the stars in the field, she wanted to go out with my parents, but all the print photos on canvas all, just she want to.

The balcony next door small canvas photos online light shot into the room through the window, the shadow of the neighbor mother-in-law drying clothes mirror on the wall of the girl room, bared his teeth like a monster in the girl hide in the quilt, even the head also didn’t dare to show, her digital photo prints hand was shaking, shaking badly. She has a nice name, called a lovely child, show up on time every day, go to sleep. Finish your homework conscientious photo printing services, never talk back with parents, the adults like the child, but why, she hates himself. In these children to print onto the canvas, the world is so small, girls think so too.

Is repeating one day, when the girl was going to bed, I heard an immature child’s “hey, we are here to play with you print photos Australia, together we speak bay!” The laughter of children is dense in the room, the girl smiled. That group of children ran to the girl’s house every night printed canvas art is talking to a girl outside the house, sometimes about bugs, sometimes about the moon, the simple things in the eyes of them seemed so lovely and beautiful. Oil paintings on canvas spring breeze through a year, another year of Mr. Xia. Girl had lost count of the group of friends laugh in how many spring and summer, also don’t remember which one is the canvas on demand in the spring and summer, the group of laughter. Girl grew up, and the group of partners was not found.

Started following big cities in the small village printing panoramic photos, with LCD TV, with apple computer, great changes have taken place in the girl’s life, he is not shy, no longer afraid, we’ll never get back to those happy days, cannot find back to the childhood pure feeling. Out of the cinema, the girl not to tears, and the movie did not sad, just tell a light personalised art: in those years we never know what is applique, time spent how many spring and summer but don’t know with each other. Time flies, just want to listen to that year night canvas photos Australia, cicadas and your laughter.

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