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Another JiChun came, a water and rebirth. Stroll garden, canvas factory or sitting in a small window, all can with rays of a spring dream! Spring is infinite good, just the wind interferes. If not, and how to wake up the sleeping already a long time painting canvas sizes dream?

Through the hustle and bustle, has experienced numerous and complicated, always in a simple place. How let the time flow, Wei Qing ning, is belongs to the inner pictures canvas prints the final home to return.

Bubble a pot of fresh tea, enjoy a tree flowers, will be for all of the worries into a lamp that tea, the light taste, aftertaste silence. Consumes a batch of incense, listening to a living museum, ChengLou boiled tea, ink painting, static see time QingJian,’s Buddhist enlightenment Zen, photos on canvas which is unique to this season high quality canvas prints favour.

Buddha says, beauty bones all is vanity, and green bamboo is dharmakaya, green chrysanthemum prajna. Vegetation Zen meditation, and also know there is love, is from is not the main, but hate from the heart.

I am not that living in the monastery of Buddha’s enlightenment, but also have a heart of religious practice. Time is fleeting, accumulation and dispersion are fixed, but only the heart could stand of dust, and more clean.

The life always has a lot of things is hard to find a perfect, life custom frames every separation, accumulation and dispersion as fate are always like that in the free circulation. Turn lights dim, only the best heart, fishing every ride through the print your own canvas feeling.

All say this life, all is because of past lives; the fruit of this kind of cause, for the afterlife. Actually, human being photos online practice, all is concise nature, a trace. Those lean years, is also a natural posture, I don’t like to have more bad blood with people. All joy is natural on every occasion. Natural soft, but is the human goodness; Longitudinal have obsession, but also is the long grass, in the old much a few minutes infatuation.

Smile remained on the earth, but you, but me. Decree by destiny will meet, no loose. Under the relentless years, who all can’t change the various separation professional printing services? Light the bloom, no more than a rebirth, tree lost its, the wind from the fell.

Fireworks blurred, time know taste. Those too make public free canvas print, will surely is a bluff. Only within the Qing ning, cleaner and pure, closer to the place is called the soul. Always envy teacher, envy all away from worldly CARES and sojourn in natural landscape best photo prints all the life. A cassock, but to give up a lot, an oil lamp before the statue of Buddha, love no earthly CARES. Although not dye the earthly fireworks, but into the situation, all living beings. Later, in word and deed, a tea a meal, see Zen Buddhism.

And I, although in the hustle and bustle world of mortals, also am light like water. No matter how much splendid prosperity on the safety, I can only secure self sustaining, calm of leisure. The past too much digital photos online, is now gradually cool. A lot of things choose to put down, but also a compassion for you. Hope that those who once throughout the years, and now, but is a window through the landscape. Spring RongQiu withered, already changed appearance, no the original charming?

Secular photos print we, in the busy, which have difficulty; in reality, who are suffering. Not to think of some things think impassability, some people guessing won’t go to guess, if some way to go, will not go away. Put down the obsession, end point also is the new transfer photos to canvas, starting point over, but also for the new start.

Life is like a pin, ethereal if ping. And I, at this time am in the wind and rain to return, excessive magnificence washed. Let the world red hundred flatters, about the door, turn a blind eye. Thanksgiving this life is predestined friends the acquaintance, to have a person to know each other together, for I am full of desolation, a break with me. Longitudinal is cut pieces, also lost a people warm in my heart.

Faith is the soul order canvas prints being sublimation, I already out of fireworks blurred water alone – just for LianHe at home! To avoid the earthly, would rather ignore the spectacular scenery, let alone the shadow only in pairs, with one individual plant flowers and plants, plan for last.

Leisure where can I get the canvas prints made days, fengshan thin water solution amorous feelings, fine color words are light rain. Between the wind sunsets, how much heart wanders in the meditation in the scrolls? Month star Yao Ming, I also is indifferent time is like water, the faint in the city. Make a light idle tea said past, leave half moon watching time window.

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