My father photo on high quality canvas prints

Go to the supermarket to buy things, come back pass by square, glanced at random, see inside square, a group of old man, how to print on canvas almost all male, they surround together or play chess, or playing CARDS, and more, next canvas prints and stay quietly, chatting, their age, probably all Buddha, canvas factory print around seventy years old. See them, involuntarily thought of my father, imagine, if there are my father, that it would be good!

Think of this, I looking for in the crowd, self-deception well, the tall, thin figure, being wall art you, my dad! If the wall art gallery, I would carry the bags, under the eyes, happily walked to the front of you, give you the good Iguana plug, allowing you to enjoy with uncles, then in your loving eyes, in uncles who envy eyes, smiling and proud to go away. Uncles, I think they would have said to you, see, he blessed, have a daughter this small cotton-padded jacket, what time will not be cold. If you do, I just extra large canvas most happiness, the daughter of the sun. How I want to have such a scenario, this moment! However, I know, this is suing canvas art my forever dream, a dream can never achieve this life.

Father has left us for years, but the father died, still emerge in my mind, that tore heart crack lung of pain, feel that the sky falls down on me, will never forget. Until the fifth year, the pain gradually subsided. In every village long five years, with the funeral, I dare not to look, just hear the sound of the trumpet, I will cover the quilt, cry a, five years, I can’t go to the fair, dare not to repair the shoes, because as long as see shoes repaired, I will think of father, just can’t help tears, broken enter hepatic pain. As flower canvas art now write these words, giclee printer fell more than tears, when I think about my father, to touch my heart the deepest pain, the most really hurts.

Dad of the genetic, should canvas prints of longevity, and the father is too early to leave us, I think, a certain canvas prints god cannot bear to see his father too tired, want to let him rest early. Because in my impression, my father never idle, for decades, it has become a working machine, dad ZhuangJiaHuo do good, not only will be a lot of artisanship, carpenters, and masons, and are very proficient in, also can make shoes, three days two head market. Two days before the death, but also in work, so tired, just landscape made artists also not line. Dad walked, before raising children thanked him, to walk in a hurry, son, don’t stay, the landscape canvas how regret and sorrow! Dad, why do you go so hurry, why not wait a minute, we grew up, such as filial piety in your knee?

One day in June, landscapes art in the west of father’s day, although don’t like western festival, on this holiday, I have not a trace of resentment. If the father is still alive, I will be on this day, a call to my dear father, ask my father this day doing, landscape prints with just wait, pinch the neck in her singing shadow play, also being blank canvas to listen to with relish ballad, or also like other people’s father, to find a sunny place, narrowing her eyes in the sun? Dad, I want to tell you, today being canvas prints aside‚Äôs father’s day, rural false Xing, also do not know this holiday, but I give you, I bought you a dress, a glove, in my impression, my father’s hand art canvas prints being so wide, so coarse, every winter, crack a lot of cut, like a child’s mouth gaping, pain ah, dad fingers, and always the abstract prints on canvas covered with white tape, dad has a picture of a thick warm gloves, hand wouldn’t be frozen in. Dad, would you like it?

Ashamed to say that, dad’s birthday, and now I don’t know, because, since the childhood, haven’t seen dad had a birthday. At that time, we also small, his mouth to eat, every day to drink, and parents to live, like a gyro spin, toil day and night, which is used to remember his own birthday, how willing to give up for his birthday? If dad is still alive, I am in my father birthday this day, made a special cake, which have a peach, longevity, and conifers, and write the words of blessing, let father listened to the joy, and then find a good hotel, fanfare have a unique birthday to my father, I think, when we gathered together for his old man’s house birthday, my father would order canvas prints online Australia, what kind of psychology? Will be very happy, very satisfied, will feel hard all his life value, the parents’ desire to so low, so easy to satisfy, who made the heart-inch grass, can’t quote three chunhui.

Rural people, especially the best canvas prints Australia in the elderly, all the year round, mostly watching in the village, the county seat for them, seemed to be canvas photos online cities, rural people envy the city all my life, even in the dream to live in the city of the day, if my father still alive, I would put his old man’s house from my house, stay a day of building, and experience have central heating in the winter, not the taste of the stove, I use a computer to my father for his love of shadow play, Penghu, I will buy some clothes for dad, often from a pair of socks to a hat, I want to listen to the father said to his companion, this dress is really warm, this dress really comfortable shoes, the photos to the canvas I bought online girl, as long as the father’s heart warm, my heart is safe. Dad don’t smoke, sometimes love to drink, although I am not rich, but I will try my best to offer my father buy a bottle of good wine, because since the beginning of the governor, I just thought, after I grew up married, must give dad buy a bottle of good wine, but this dream, until his father died, also failed to achieve.

The pity is forever. Dad, tell me, you in heaven okay? Do you still use to work there, there being prints online live heavy not heavy, you also use a day? Children give you burn paper money each year, you have spent, alive, you pinch and scrape, sick are reluctant to spend money, to it, don’t hesitate to flower, if not enough, must have appeared to tell us. We will let you become rich, in that world, dad, you in my life like a candle, burn yourself, don’t get their children being digital prints online returns, next life, you will also do our father, but you must promise to us, long-lived centenarians, we will make to filial piety you, let you grandchildren, enjoy family happiness, what you say?

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