Miraculously met discount canvas art

Zhang Peiyi is my junior high school half a century of online printing photos, the memory of her when I went to xinjiang, he left the under dressed in military uniforms, caps, short hair, canvas factory who is the girl in the heart of the most beautiful clothes in that era, we left a memorable photo together, the picture as I walked through the life of half a century.

Looked at the old black and white photo, it seems that across the time tunnel, went to the young student, the memories forever in east lake road 59 middle school, the bell for class, lang, a model, teacher and being canvas printing the figure of the UK… . Do you like playing in the garden in my house, I also like your home, the most like to climb to the top of the roof of your home platform, the buildings in Shanghai in few, can stand on the high platform feel happy, there seems to be a great feeling, we stood in the above shouted, look down the road free photo canvas prints of vehicles and pedestrians… Big platform above, canvas prints au laughter fills the air in the open. Now here while standing on a higher building, in addition to the visual spectacle, in my opinion is much less than the old photo canvas sale platform of the home, because they hold a student of brilliant bright sparks, nice and warm memories become a memory.

Culture art since you leave we wear uniforms, we never met each other before, case forever in memory of old photos. You back to Shanghai to visit me, when I went to xinjiang to find you, too, know the sea fishing needle just impossible dreams, but always unwilling always wants to get a little lucky.

A few days before the high school class WeChat moderate snow Vivian custom made canvas prints couch a can help find being picture framing message and see this seems touched my nerve, I immediately sent a junior high school buy canvas, old photos onto canvas narration of narration and then added to see her once about address, because she left near two home, though smaller, but we still full of expectation, looking forward to the miracle happen. Snow Vivian prints onto canvas is a warm-hearted man, indeed as expected with the help of the distant place friend to obtain a copy of the original material, may be afraid of couldn’t find to my disappointment, she to send material quietly to the narration of narration.

Narration is often in half a century old framing prints; she often speaks to whisper softly, like to play guzheng. In for lunch sword, but they find a bottom, never give up. Remember her once in a chance shows electricity is instant found secondary framing for canvas prints, began looking for, I didn’t think the tortuous found a miracle. A lost in last year of high school print pictures, my deskmate, is looking for her in high school canvas prints from the party pictures that I met with her deskmate. The bullishness came up again, this time since he started looking for access to information, the door, then go to rc, phone calls, letters, Here canvas prints ready to hang already let son live, in the face of sudden telephone, son even fraud and didn’t dare to tell, but narration narration does not give up, then switch to other ways to find, is in the end it’s all worthwhile, maybe is god’s gift for her sincerity, finally the day before yesterday on the phone. When I can’t believe it when I received the news, seems to be dreaming, 50 years went to xinjiang, a vast sea of later returned to Shanghai, the old house has already been turned into the ground stands tall buildings, but miraculously found in only three days, realize the dream is impossible.

Original ready to find high quality photo printing we get together, but find it too slow and he decided to go to see her the next day, I got up at 4 o ‘clock yesterday turned out of the original photo in mobile phone, busy this busy that Mr Caocao lunch drive to send me to the subway, we got a call from the culture art, constantly repeating asked? Finally dark is not in a hurry said day’s afternoon is actually a little… The sun also smiled, smiled in the cold wind, into the warm soft light.

Although time to erase the former appearance, deepens the forehead wrinkles, hung up the relaxation of the pouch, but when you meet the hug seems to return to the s. Old custom framing fumbled tea coffee, although can always too early to open air conditioning it too slow and for a moment by, for a while by unexpectedly closed it again… Said not over words, intermediate unexpected and found two half a century of order photos online Australia, all phone calls, and add WeChat busy joy of laughter…

Time always degrading, quietly put on the sunset, we felt to say farewell to the car window. With the thoughts of subway so I think; in this age of high-tech and invisible network that connected the people, many can’t imagine the incident clearly, opened up the ladder to the dream. But to realize the dream, it is necessary to set foot on the ladder, persistent and hard forward… Car open air conditioning warm, but the online photo framing feeling is warm in the heart, all this good, it is infinite regrets…

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