Intermediate composition to make the composition more focused approach

In the early contact with photography, usually a patterning method of learning is ‘golden’ or ‘rule of thirds’, canvas prints but in fact in the shooting more, we can use another one should be careful but good results weighted graph so that there is more change photo works, this will tell us about the ‘intermediate composition,’ using techniques it!

Intermediate composition is the main target in the middle of the screen, whether it is straight or cross-degree degree may also be used.

For machine will shoot, very convenient
Placed in the middle of the body, the reader will easily notice
It can be applied in almost any photo sizes
Easy to learn
Wide range of applications
The disadvantage of intermediate composition

The picture tends to be messy
In the middle of the body need to choose carefully
Improper operation will make the photo effect is even worse
Intermediate composition allows more focused patterning techniques
See above intermediate composition has advantages and disadvantages of each, canvas prints online have a look at how to avoid its shortcomings, easy to manage ‘intermediate patterning’ techniques it!

Application of intermediate composition skills
(A) select the background to avoid clutter
Intermediate composition which is a very easy to mistake the place is not prominent subject, panoramic canvas prints so difficult for the reader to comprehend the theme of photographers want to express, so the use of intermediate composition, the best you can find a simple background, or with a relatively large body comparison table can easily highlight want to shoot something.

(Ii) take advantage of the shallow depth of field
Romeo in the shooting could not find a very simple background, then you can make good use of shallow depth of field shooting method (such as an enlarged aperture, focal length, etc., detailed instruction, please click here), so you can make the subject come out from the background, to strengthen expression theme.

(C) select ‘story’ of target
Intermediate composition one of the most important points is that the shooting ‘story’ of the target, whether it is static, animal, or model, of its action, the appearance is the key to good and bad in a photo, which Ruoguo Founder capture by bad deepen the reader to imagine the head inside (character / photo stuff inside What story?), a photo will become a common, does not attract the photos.

(Iv) the size of a try square
Because the body will be placed in the middle of the photo, you can try shooting from the traditional 3: 2 format to 1: 1 square, with the use Instagram to take pictures as to reduce the space on both sides through the reform, allowing the reader visual more focused!

Although there are some rules of composition or guidelines to follow, but in fact have taken to implement the actual situation to decide what kind of, to learn a different composition techniques, taken in the application of more handy!

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