How to use the flash and shoot Portrait photo

When shooting in natural light, the sun is the only source of light for subject and environmental exposure. At the same time, the reflection and reflection of environmental objects (such as the use of reflective plate) on the main body of the fill light can only play a secondary role in the performance, and exposure intensity, ray casting angle and light quality will be because of the time period of light The nature of the different affected.
Therefore, different weather and light of the timing of the decision to determine when we shoot the film effect. If the introduction of the flash when shooting, you can essentially change the nature of natural light shooting restrictions and environmental impact. According to the degree of configuration of lighting equipment, photographers can do to ignore the leading role of the sun, and more active and effective use and control of the sun on the shooting of the effects and effects. When using the flash to assist shooting, whether the flash light as the main light source or auxiliary light source, its light intensity, angle, light quality and color can be subject to the photographer’s subjective performance intent, and the case of pure natural light possible Resulting in many undesirable effects, but also a lot of room to make up.

We often say that photography is the art of light and shadow. In portrait photography, the light in addition to natural light, there are artificial light. Therefore, as a photographer, not only to learn to use light, but also learn to use the light, then the flash is our portrait photography used in the most auxiliary light source, so here I focus on outdoor shooting commonly used in small External flash and external light.

Speaking of outdoor photography used in the flash, many primary photographers do not understand, outdoor light is sufficient, even if the cloudy enough exposure, why do I need to use flash?
Here are two sets of using the location flash photography for men’s work as an example to explain to you. Here the two groups of films are in the same scene the same clothing, almost the same combination of exposure values, the use of flash before and after the effect of comparison chart.

How to use the flash to teach you how to use the location flash portrait

We observed the picture can be clearly found, did not open the flash of the screen color rich and deep, soft texture of clothing, models and background space relationship is not obvious. The use of flash, the three-dimensional sense of the characters and the texture of the skin has been significantly improved, the fabric texture has also been significantly reflected, the model and the background of the spatial relationship between the account is more clear, the whole picture is more three-dimensional and full.

How to use the flash to teach you how to use the location flash portrait

For commercial photographers, when the sunny day out of the door, the flash is bound, because the outdoor shooting is basically the environmental portrait, and our exposure principle is to conduct exposure tests on the environment as a reference for exposure data.
Due to the direct sun, the camera’s metering mode for environmental exposure requirements much lower than the exposure index, such as the sky, clouds and buildings. Exposure to the exact character as the prerequisite, then the exposure of the environment will often produce over-exposure phenomenon, the film after the environmental effects will become a pale, so in the shooting, we will be accurate exposure to environmental prerequisite, and then use A flash or a small flash.
Therefore, we need to emphasize here that when we use the flash is not outside the scene because the light is not enough, and the main purpose is to fill the light to the characters or subjects, so no matter what time, or even noon, we can guarantee Self-normal to complete the shooting.
At the same time, we use the flash, there is another important factor, that is to create light effect. After all, we say that the sun is only one in the outdoors in order to avoid the sun projection angle deviation or the sun strength is not ideal, we are more artificial light to make up for lack of light, so it is convenient to make people from the complex location highlights , Especially clothing portrait photography, so can significantly enhance the appearance of people and clothing texture and three-dimensional.

How to use a good flash?
In Taobao shooting process, the use of flash, generally we will not only choose to use a flash, because in accordance with the normal working conditions, our day’s shooting is often at least several hundred, if this time we are simply pure The use of micro-camera flash, then its power supply is very limited, simply can not meet and support our long shooting time, while the optical power is too small, we will greatly reduce the quality and speed of shooting. Therefore, in most cases we have chosen is a combination of a variety of photographic lighting, and Taobao clothing in the usual portrait photography, we also only individual main styles of clothing, will be used alone to the camera flash auxiliary shooting, In order to achieve enhanced image texture, enhance the basic requirements of visual tonality.

The use of the cow bulb bare light hard light shooting, according to the scene of the building structure and shape, reduce the position, you can composition to the maximum and low position angle so that the visual impact is stronger, the middle of the composition method presents a symmetrical While a solid visual impression. The back of the clouds is the late synthesis, adding to the screen content and texture.

The focus is on the exposure reference point is the normal exposure of the sky clouds, and then adjust the amount of light to flash the normal exposure of the model.

Exposure combination is still based on environmental exposure, was a cloudy afternoon, and in the shade, in the case of low light, the aperture do not open too much, or easy to virtual coke, you can properly adjust the iso to high values ​​to ensure that the aperture Sharpness.

Tips As above, pay attention to the flash light position, men’s clothing can be some side, with the reflective plate fill light, forming around the upper and lower clip light effect.
Handle flashlight and reflector light than the light, a hard one soft, one out of a dark, through the distance and angle to control the good so as to effectively form a sense of size and texture of the model.

In addition to the light side of the shooting type of hard side, but also increase the light ratio, which is about two flash out of the amount of light contrast and distance control, the amount of light contrast difficult circumstances, to control the distance between the flash and model. There are light quality of the hard and soft contrast, the left side of the flash with the radar cover plus honeycomb, light quality is relatively soft, the right side of the outline of light with the standard cup and honeycomb, a larger amount of light, light quality is also hard.
The shape and angle of the shadow can be seen flash is parallel to the side of light, that is, to a greater extent to emphasize the shadow out, or the overall picture is too monotonous, lost the meaning of light shooting

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