How to use SLR automatic manual focus

Whether you are senior players or primary photographic novice, canvas factory even have no interest in photography, but as long as you pick up any equipment pictures and make clear, is closely related to an action that is the focus. Even if you don’t mean it or device automatically focus, but what is undeniable is that the only focus, to accurately record images, or highlight the main body, and expression of photography, and even art. Novice learns photography today, just to have a chat on the SLR automatic focus and manual focus.

Now digital SLR cameras have decent autofocus function, canvas prints au but also offers manual focus lens after you more creativity into full play. As the name suggests af is through image processor algorithm processing after automatic device to drive electric focus, manual focus is by manually turn the focusing ring to adjust the camera to make photos of out clear focus. Letters AF (Auto Focus) said autofocus, MF (Manual Focus) said Manual Focus.

What is the automatic focus? Auto-focus camera is using infrared, ultrasonic, photo on canvas laser, etc after the precise distance measurement, automatic lens to achieve the focus process. Focusing on different shooting objects can present a different performance effect, autofocus intelligence can be realized quickly and efficiently help most photographers focusing, for beginners is a big boost. Different focus position can produce different effects.

Autofocus generally can be divided into more focus and single point of focus. More focus function or regional focus function is simpler to use, for beginners, in addition to setting the location of focus, can also set up focus range. When focus center is not set in the center of the picture, you can use more focus directly to cover an area of focus, let the camera automatically identified. A single point of focus mode especially free to move a single point of focus needs to be some people move freely, but use conveniently later this is a very convenient shooting mode, as long as the focus of the camera is through from top to bottom and move around on the main can on your subject, opportunities for you in af. Use af under a single point of focus mode photographs can reflect the shallow depth of field, more can highlight the subject. On a single point of focus mode collocation cosco focal length lens, lens focal length of the best in more than 85 mm, the aperture of the lens set in F5.6 or greater, so are more likely to use a single point of focus mode to shoot the photos of the good.

How to use manual focus? Automatic focus since has been so convenient, also need for manual focus of trouble? Isn’t it the photographer was of special professional special cow play manual focus? Aside to be used in some cases can appear autofocus error, particular case later we again, and with small make up experience, in the new period to use manual mode allows you to slow down and feel the charm of filming, carefully to experience a sense of accomplishment in the gradually clear image, than by the number of even more pat to pick out the clear pictures are satisfying.

Say manual focus should do first, first from the simple – using live view screen helps you accurately in manual focus: first, to set the lens side to MF. Press this button switch to the live view screen. My finger on the focusing ring; Turn the camera focus ring. Through the screen to see whether the focus, if I’m not sure whether the focus accurately, can use the zoom button will roughly the focusing area was enlarged, turn the focusing ring again. Press down big button each time, magnification in 1, 5 times, ten times, and cancel the amplification of loop.

Press down large button in 1, 5 times, ten times magnification when turn the focusing ring to focus, twisting of the focusing ring is impossible one pace reaches the designated position, in the process of the gradually clear picture about the need to repeatedly turn the focusing ring to confirm whether the focus, and focusing regional image magnification is in order for you to confirm whether accurate focus more intuitively and clearly. And then cancel the amplification, complete focus

Repeated focus on through the amplification, for beginners can greatly improve the accuracy, dynamic focus after the skilled, but when your opponent will feel this way some inefficient, try to use the viewfinder to shoot. Although use the viewfinder framing cannot zoom focus area, but believe it through repeated practice can master focus.

When to use manual focus? We already know the convenience of autofocus, also know the manual focus also has the necessity, the specific in what circumstances to use manual focus better? The most applicable situation is in the picture small object contrast, contrast is not high when using manual focus, is simply the picture clutter, focus the subject and the background color is too close to, or in low light environment.

And when shooting macro, manual focus also has advantages than autofocus. Macro photography of large aperture has a very shallow depth of field, difficult for camera autofocus identification subject, and may have a slight movement can cause focus offset, manual focus at this time will be controlled accurately. Some of the special function of macro lens and full-time manual focus, real-time hand all the way, on the basis of automatic with manual fine-tuning, bring great convenience macro photography. But it is worth noting that if we do not support the full-time manual focus lens, in the condition of automatic focus manually turn the focusing ring, will feel damping is very big, please use caution so as not to damage the damping.

In addition, if you want to make a great depth of the scenery, you can also use the manual focus. There‚Äôs a saying called “super focal length”, is the lens can keep infinity object in focus under the premise of acceptable sharpness can achieve the recent focus distance, or the point at which the lens to infinity focus all subjects have acceptable sharpness of focus distance. In simple terms, which is able to take out the near and far clear landscapes?

Hyper focal distance photography features, do not need to focus to get to a particular distance are clear photos of the landscape is better able to show distance of the scenery, can also avoid the autofocus may cause out of focus. Particular way is manual focus to super focal distance, or manual focus to infinity. And when you take a photo on the glass, use manual focus. Although separated by glass photo is not the ideal shooting conditions, but in the ride up the plane or visit the aquarium, likely will want to capture pictures with a camera. Across the glass shoot with manual focus, you can avoid focusing on the stains or reflection of the glass, which is convenient to realize the correct focus.

Say so many, is all beginners also want to grab the hands of the camera, enjoy the beauty of the head to move focus? Automatic focus is good, but at the same time you can skillfully use autofocus don’t absolutely dependent on it, after all, automatic for coke is not everything. And while a manual focus, perfect digestive trouble need practice, but a basic manual focus as photography is also necessary to learn the skills. About the interest focus, make the play, go to experience.

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