How to make everyday things better

We climb mountains and wading, across the ocean, canvas prints australia online are to find beautiful scenery, explore exotic, to take good photos. But the general daily life, in fact, we can lift machine shooting, even ordinary photos, can also be more gorgeous. The following is a video from the photographer Annie Tao sharing, through a few ways to 10 minutes practice, you can improve the shooting level, and sure enough ‘photography eye’ is the most important!

1) Note the shadow
There will be shadowed, you have to pay attention to whether the destruction of the shadow of the beauty of the photo, if so, canvas au then changes the composition, shooting angle, the object placed like it.

2) observe the natural patterns and shapes
Find interesting patterns in everyday life, and then concentrate on it, then the photos will be more attractive.

3) Find a good light
Move the subject of good light, such as indoors, move it to the window, in the outdoor sunny, then moved to the shadow. If you cannot move objects, their own place to go.
4) close-up one of the key details
You do not have to shoot the whole thing, or the whole environment, to find out the key details and then shoot down, it will be more eye-catching, the message more clearly.

5) can be opened on the open, you can move on the move
If it is a book, a 壸, shoot the open version, displays the contents of which will make the image more attractive.

The photographer pointed out that the most important shooting a little more. Add some special elements to the photo, rather than the tedious record of pure, every day with this 10-minute exercise, will be able to broaden your creativity it! More reference works can be seen in ‘A 10 Minute Lesson to Photographing Images with More Pizzazz’

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