How to cut portrait photos to recompose

In the process of photography I also made a lot of stupid mistakes, canvas australia who made a lot of errors of judgment, but eventually, these are precious wealth in my way in photography. About clipping, I summarized some methods about how portrait cut, can let your photos from the “boring” instantly “surprising”. Next, I’ll give you five Suggestions for “portrait of how to correctly cut”.

First, use camera clipping
In the process of taking pictures using composition to clipping, panorama canvas prints doing so means that you have for your image, for the final effect of photo has a general grasp, this way of cutting late compared with clipping has two advantages:

(1) Due to changes in the composition, you can more close to your body, to create a better background blur, thereby eliminating the interference of background environment, let the eyes of the audience to pay more attention to your model.

(2) the cutting method can gain higher image quality, a photo of full size, after you cut out 10% ~ 20% May only keep the picture, that is a photo of 30 m after cutting may be turned into 3 m size, lower resolution can only retain less details, after amplification will find quality. And through the lens, using will not change the composition of a picture to realize cutting appear such circumstance.

Second, in the curve of cutting
I think that in a smooth thighs or curve cutting looks much more comfortable than in the knees, because the knees are not a smooth curve, straight cutting will make the picture gives a person a kind of abrupt visual feeling. Because of this, I will try to get my models in the process of filming stretch their bodies, their posture, shape or body to form a harmonious line feeling, and through my lens to magnify the characteristics. If tailored to the wrist, ankle and other joints, can make the models look dumpy, cutting the arms and legs can let the audience to produce a feeling of extension, slender.

Third, properly handle the face
On face, try to make the eye is located at the third part of the picture above, and avoid cutting to the chin. We all know that the existence of the golden ratio, the subject’s eyes on the position of the golden ratio, makes the picture looks more comfortable. Avoid cutting to the chin because it can make the face look a short, awkward and incomplete picture.

Fourth, try different ways of cutting
Pictures as the advent of the era of reading, photos also changes in the way of composition, portraits are also received a shock, portrait are mostly vertical picture taken before the bust or facial features. Today’s portraits are experimenting with different picture composition, such as the boundary of the place the model picture, this is in the traditional portrait can’t see. This type of cutting can make the picture fills moves the feeling, the picture space is full of imagination.

Fifth, in contrast to learn and progress
Picture of the cutting method is absolutely more than one, sometimes a little bit of subtle changes can makes your photos look very different. First get a complete portrait, according to the above Suggestions, try to use the traditional way of cutting your portrait, and then make some changes, comparing the similarities and differences between several methods, find out the advantages and disadvantages. Often ask oneself in the heart, “this kind of cutting way is good or not?”Would it be better off in another way?” Through continuous attempts and contrast, you can slowly find their own style of cut. I think learning everything is the same, only the first to grasp the basic principle and skill, to innovation, to find their own way. Hope everyone can practice summary, grasps the right way to cut out of the portrait.

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