How to create a vivid portrait without late processing

That photography is the combination of early and late, canvas prints au despite previous photo quality directly determines the final piece of the level, but with the progress of science and technology, the deferred operation space also becomes more and bigger. By using Photoshop and Lightroom later image processing tools, we can “stimulate” the color, hidden in the RAW files and make photos on the look and feel more vivid and pleasing to the eye. However, perhaps many people do understand, even if later don’t open the software, we still have the means to create a vivid color portrait photography works. Before shooting, by combining using some simple principles and methods, photos of colour can have “flushed out” the effect.

1, choose a color and the background of the subject complementary colour

Before this, we first need to be familiar with some of the rough common complementary color. This will be our actual portraits work has a lot of help. They are red and green, canvas prints australia online orange and blue, and purple, and yellow, etc. The flare pay attention to the screen between the subject and the background of the color relations can help us better to create a good visual look and feel of the portrait photo.

When choosing a scene, we should not only concern the composition, also should pay heed to the mass-tone attune of the scene. If you know you will be in full yellow wildflowers rural countryside for the filming, you’d better to arrange your own models wear clothes with purple color. Accordingly, square photo canvas prints┬áif there are large green shrubs shooting scene, so a pink or red dress model will present a better effect.

2, the reasonable use neuter and tonal backdrop

The above method is suitable for the conditions to flexibly adjust shooting, but in most cases can be difficult to ask our models what kinds of clothes, or the model of clothing color is rich, so the following Suggestions can also help you improve piece on colour performance. This advice is looking for flat neutral shades of background. You may think the background of the rich color and detail it would be more interesting, but doing so will make the whole picture is chaotic, and the line of sight of the audience will be away from the subject.

“Less is more,” has become a classic in the field of modern design and art principle, as well as for photography, too much color and can’t keep the photos on the look and feel better. On the contrary, the more the more indistinct background can make the line of sight of people focus on the model color of clothing and accessories.

3, the use of colorful background

Photography fascinating place is continuously breaking the routine, you’ll never have to know the rules, but also never to adherence to rules. Although neutral shades can better highlight the background of the main body, but this is not to say that we are not able to do exactly the opposite, choose some colorful scene as setting. If our model is dressed in white, black or neutral color clothes, so the background color of appropriate rich also can rise to highlight the effect of the subject.

4, to eliminate any possible interference elements

Finally, before pressing the shutter, we need to make sure that within the scope of the whole frame without anything that may cause interference on the line of sight, especially in the background is crucial part of the clean, after all, we hope to be able to lock the audience’s attention firmly on model. Whether there is other people appeared in the background? Whether there are many different colors of vehicles in the picture? And so on. Anything we can be found in the camera viewfinder disharmonious things will become a piece of the interference element. If the above condition, we can adjust the position until the background model figure disappear or away from the subject; pick up the garbage model around the earth. Eliminate any may interfere with some of the subject, will make the photo look further.

Ok, if you can use some advice such as the above to assist individual portrait photography work, even it is not late to additional processing, we also can make the picture color looks more beautiful. Of course, we can still rely on Photoshop and Lightroom software further enhances the color of the image. By that time, we can use including hue/saturation of color, or the selective adjustment, tool to create the visual effect of more bright and beautiful.

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