Eight things photographers knew about early on

Daisy Diamond has been involved in professional photography for four years, canvas prints australia cheap and he shared his earlier experience that ‘eight tips that were already known in the early days’ seemed to be his heartfelt and practical sharing. Become a professional photographer, may like to refer to it!

1) About the equipment

Are you worried that your equipment is ‘not good enough’? In fact, there are many professional photographers, not the use of the top body and lens, and even extreme, some people think that ‘a camera, a 50mm lens, plus the flash / reflector, you can shoot on the network 90 % Of the photos. ‘(Laughs) Regardless of whether this is true, but the blind pursuit of the most advanced equipment is unnecessary.

2) About social media

This is quite controversial because it is a good way of marketing, but it may slowly kill your creativity, I limit you in each circle to imitate and touted; or deprive your time, so that you put the youth Wasted in the infinite browsing. It will start a new sense to spend more time trying out new creations.

3) on expression

Some guests like to see ‘big picture’, you may not need so many flashing lights, such a large soft mask, but you put out, they will be satisfied with your work. Also do not need to let the guests know your work environment, and should not be publicized in the social platform to provide unrestricted photography, which will make people think you are too busy, and even destroy your image and career.

4) On the charges

The mentality of the customer is that you charge more expensive, but the other party more respect for you, the more attention to your cooperation, so the works out but will be more ideal. You will not look down on you (not grateful!). So, when you have confidence in your technology, enough to beat other photographers, raise fees is the most favorable career choice. In other words, to low-priced top rotten city, it would be better to raise the level of a little steep.

5) About to do assistant

Many photographers believe that actual combat better than the theory, do photography assistant four months, may be more than reading four books, even in actual combat, you will find that those in the textbook / photography hieroglyphics, may And the actual use of differences or contradictions, which also demonstrates the importance of experience. Of course, the original solid basic knowledge to do assistant, will do more with less, right?

6) About business

Professional photography is about doing business, far more than the actual photography. Some mediocre photographers, even more skilled photographers, business done more, the main reason is that the former know how to do more business, whether it is planning the consultation, communication and implementation, or how to promote themselves Of the work, or with partners to establish a good relationship, etc., often determines the professional photography business development.

7) About Finance

‘No matter how much money you make, you can go bankrupt. ‘ Therefore, prudent financial management, smart investment to get rich. Should photographers pursue innovative products? One of the suggestions here is that you must sell your old utensils before buying new ones. Another suggestion is that professional photographers because it will continue to shoot, so every new product replacement, and not outdated older machine to sell at high prices, is to maintain the level of the most cutting-edge equipment, high-benefit practices for reference purposes only.

8) About patience

Whether to learn to shoot or post-system, to maintain calm and patience are necessary in practice techniques and marketing, etc., are not overnight to complete, or even a week, a year may not be successful, because patience is very important. And it also includes patient treatment of the subject, maintaining patient communication is the key to the key

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