Eight skills for teach you Fun pet theme photography class

There are for two major problems in the Hollywood movie shooting circle, one child, two animals. Coincidentally these two for photography is also applicable, canvas prints australia as the two most difficult to control subject, a children’s naughty and full of wild animals are often most experienced photographers miserable. And with respect to wildlife photography for more on the incredible, pet photography seems to be close to the people, much easier, not to mention as an important part of modern quality of life, pet photography has become increasingly popular. So, how to become a qualified pet photographer it? The following eight suggestions can help those who do not have the budget to purchase specialized equipment, canvas prints but you want your pet photographers more photogenic enhance the quality of photographs.
1, safety is always a top priority
All pets, no matter how it looks meek look lovely, their nature or animal, so we cannot ignore the security issues when shooting. Ah especially those stray cats, Rectangle Canvas Prints stray dogs and the like, they are likely to get previous experience abuse human,  animal wariness of humans be heavier. Before the first shot the animal, we need some time to get along with pet, your pet smell your body odor, smell the smell of clothes and camera, enhance mutual understanding. Never sudden sharp movement in the shooting, or issue a large volume of sound, this behavior might scare your pet, and even lead to attacks.

2, shooting dogs

Man’s best friend who is capable of cooperating with our animals, such as dogs. They are relatively easy to make in response to the sound signal, and is also relatively easy to adjust the position of the body and ideal for light-shooting angle, and once familiar with it, shooting the dog be relatively comfortable in a variety of pets.

3, our best friend

The most precious photos are usually interactive moments between those records servant photos with the dogs, we need to pay attention when shooting at these moments when it might occur, so that we can prepare in advance for the shooting. This moment may appear when your kids come back to school. After the children opened the door, the dog usually happy to greet children and rushing, or when your mother got into his favorite armchair, the dog will flew into her arms.

Shooting portraits similar appropriate body to set and lighting conditions will also help bring out the animal photography emotions. The above picture was taken with a 85mm lens, the picture is in close contact with the body of my youngest daughter and my dog. I set the aperture at f / 1.8, create a dreamy-focus blur, and a contrast between humans and animals friendship and trust.

Next, the image below is what I shoot for a client, their family and their pets to live together on the beach side. I hope that i can shoot at the beach environment into the composition, but the afternoon sun is very suitable for shooting. Fortunately, I followed in the locker room after the beach side found a shaded area, and then I use reflector portion of the sun on the beach reflected on my subject to shoot. Since the child and the dog at a different focal plane, so I chose to use f / 5.0 aperture, it enables me to ensure that the subject clear.

4, shooting dog smile

In a series of dog done after exercise, they often smile, well actually just opened his mouth and nothing more. If you do not want to shoot them when the dogs activities, you can first throw a ball, let the dog sport their initial few minutes, and then the shooting. Here is my photo taken in this case, after exercise my dog ??In the shade, ‘Smile’, also stood around just recovered ‘trophies.’ In this film I used f / 2.2 aperture, it will guarantee the shadows dog has enough exposure, but also to achieve the purpose of moderately blurred background.

5, shooting head tilt action

This group of photos taken when the dog is placed on a lower floor or other locations, so that we can look down, in a plan view of a little angle to shoot. To be able to shoot the dog tilted picture, I came up with some of which include a cat called inner voice to arouse the curiosity of the dog, the dog will be most at this time will head twisted to one side and then look to you direction.

6, meow star people

Meow star who, with their piercing eyes and a long beard, has become one of the most popular pet photography object. The difference is that with a dog, they tend to be less obedient to stay in the specified location, and will only like you have eye contact you. So, we need to shoot cats have more patience. Cats are natural hunters home, they especially like to catch a ball of yarn and hanging toys. They utilize this feature, we can take them to a pre-fixed to lure a good shooting position. If possible, they are confined to a relatively confined space.

Use your clippers come up with sensible planning something, cat liked the sound will be heard when they see the direction to your location. The following photo This is my kitten in a small room to shoot, the room has a window that allows light shone, I will lure the kitten to the window and look out the window trying to get it so that I can present a ‘ shining eyes ‘effect. When this photo was taken I utilized ISO2000 sensitivity, f / 4.0 aperture and a 35mm lens.

Do not forget to make good use of the backlight, which allows the body of the cat hair more shiny, and make a sacred halo effect.

7, Tuzki

In addition to cats and dogs this more mainstream family pet, but also people Tuzki loved a pet, and they action ‘wash’ is simply gorgeous. Rabbits are usually more love clean, if you wait long enough, no additional induction can shoot at them ‘face’ of the lens. But you can also hold the rabbit’s earlier actions to achieve their goals, when you put them down, they will not wait to get rid of the smell you stay on them, so the best approach is to slow down, the camera first get ready. The following picture is the protagonist of two rabbits called Latte and Zeus, the fundamental group is the general state of their case, while the second group is that they ‘wash’ state. Two photos are taken with the aperture and 35mm lens f / 4.0 is taken.

Usually enters a new environment, the rabbit Sharansky who habitually stand up and check the situation around them, the picture below was adopted in this case.

8, small mice

Even people who love animals, the animals will have met the following may feel queasy, they are rats. However, what the hell, I love them! Their most attractive place is the long beard, as well as the action when they eat. To know that the moving speed of the minute creatures are quite fast, but the best way to capture these is holding biological or holding them at this time if you have the hands of a macro lens, it would be better.

Below this picture show a beautiful miniature mouse beard, of course, which you can also see how they are petite and fragile, but fortunately they are in human hands still seems feel comfortable.

Shooting star who meow Similarly, when photographing these little mouse I mainly rely on the intake of natural light from the window, but the shooting day is a cloudy day, the light is not very good, so I tried to get as many small rodents near the window, and using a high ISO. Fortunately, these photos show only on the Internet, the noise problem is no longer a big deal.

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