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Since entered at the beginning of the 21st century, canvas prints australia with computer and my photo canvas saleQQ screen name has been called to laugh at life. When I was in the prime of life more than 40 years old, like an optimistic attitude to face life, so to laugh look at life do not have interest.
After the Internet, I smile to see life successively in the QQ space, Shanghai personalised art prints the fun park, Hainan Tianya, winter swimming network in Beijing, Jinzhou Golden Leopard network changed its name to Jinzhou news and articles to read through the text written in a number of posts in the joke went out, online canvas printing australia basically is around the life aspects of the topic, talk about their own Personalised Wall canvas views and opinions.
Into Photos – from Chongrubujing, joy on the pretrial flowers fall, fate has no intention, Le hope heaven Yunjuanyunshu. This is my laugh at the life of a true portrayal. “How many ancient and modern things pay the joke.” this is my smile at life to joke of life photo art online unforgettable experience. Now, I deeply understand that life is not just used to laugh at, also not light is used to joke, more important is to smile and enjoy the. With eyes to laugh at life, is just a pleasant admiring, text to joke of life, but also is a kind of carefree turn art expression fills, and only in the body and mind to laugh and enjoy life, it is a kind of refreshing happy move.
I prints for kids canvas to enjoy life is reflected in three aspects: One is smile on life enjoyment, specifically, is the clothing, food, housing and other aspects of material enjoyment and physiological enjoy. In the past, “Chen 32” (a month per person can only supply a couple of soybean oil) canvas prints New Zealand, now eat nothing; past live in the cottage, small area, no heating, no air conditioning, cold in winter and hot in summer, now is big house, appliances complete, warm in winter and cool in summer. In other aspects can meet. It is unimaginable in the past, every day happy enjoying happy and comfortable life.
Second, laugh in the movement to enjoy the canvas printing prices, specifically is, winter swimming, dancing and riding to me bring pleasure and enjoyment. Movement appears to be the consumption of physical strength and energy, so that many people can not afford, but movement for me it is great to enjoy. Winter swimming comfortable Jin loneliness; dancing really canvas printing China and in heaven a kind; riding the kind of enjoy is no one can realize.
Three is laughing in the spirit of enjoyment, specifically is emotion, desire, etc. psychological canvas prints reviews of satisfaction and pleasure. The relationship between people is very complex, is also very subtle. How to get spiritual enjoyment, need not the rich big spenders, nor the authorities the Yihubaiying, but flying hearts when Marilyn Monroe prints on canvas happy psychological enjoyment.
Some people say that life is a pain, I think the pain is a kind of enjoy. Winter swimming in the stranger appears to be very painful, and our real swimmers but winter swimming regarded enjoys life boots canvas prints. Because winter brings us physically very comfortable, photo to canvas spirit of the canvas prints Costco perseverance, so our swimmers are in the enjoyment of life.

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