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Your heart, is I go to the end of the world, also want to come back.
Canvas prints online, fade away, leaving some touch kind, you are clear.
Time is like, we are walking in the rain, find belongs to own umbrella, go forward, go straight to the wind stopped the rain, a better tomorrow. Lu xiaoman, explain.
Another JiQiu, another JiQiu tail, autumn wind, the autumn cold cool, autumn whistle. No longer high sky, the clouds will no longer remain. Lift eye looks, in the fog. Nearby, pedestrians in a hurry; The distance, north geese flying south. , no matter the wind, the rain will not stop, may be heard the prelude of the winter.
Still in this way, in the autumn endings as seasonal to winter, always gives birth to some feelings, or cold, or helpless, or the vicissitudes of life. The cold this time of the year, after all, is an unavoidable hibernate or no say?
See the roadside grass, gradually withered and yellow, autumn leaves, rotating piles. Fate? A home? The wind lost: photo canvas prints heartless, pedestrians scurry, guest non-trace. Looking at the distant place, mind instantly dragged a long, painful…
She passed by, is not far from that of s read xue, China hasn’t been liberation, in desolate, but her parents are rich with one hundred mu of land, lived a desultory life, naive young girl how happiness! During the years of the great leap forward, the land is in the home in the collective, parents have died, she adopted by uncle’s house. At marriageable age, she went into my home. Father was in the group of cadres, busy with work all day, big and small issues at home are falling on her shoulders. Earn workpoint canteen, and still have to take care of the sick grandmother grandpa, you can imagine how tired. Roof leak again meet with sounds, that a roar recently flood, flooded the village, the house, living in turbulence displacement. After the flood, people return to their homes, building a house, the fence, father is a family man, so the house by her hand. , and finally built a house, a seven or eight people crowded together, became worried about her life here!
In this way, through the winter, ushered in the spring. Experienced a summer, they went into the autumn. Four seasons in reincarnation, increase the annual rings of her life, carved with wrinkles, wind rain eroding the appearance. Once delicate and charming beauty face, mottled surfaces now; Once like month, now already changed much. Time heartless, photo canvas prints are silent, she is old, old hobbled. She is old, old progeny, time sentient beings, canvas print Australia in silence. She belongs to the world of mortals, and walked in the world of mortals, but she is in the world of mortals traveler!
Some people say that happiness is in the eyes of others, not happy in his own heart. Looking at her deep eyes, love to ask her: are you happy? She smiled and said, your happiness is my happiness.
She lost her? Read her crisscrossed the wrinkles, the heart, mangled painful: tree rings, the rings in where? In the heart?
Peace said, your heart, is I went to the place at the end of the world want to come back again.
The birds wings hard, total want to go; Children grow up, also want to find their own sky. And she, with finely, bending, still stay in that there is love, sticking to what is the root? Have not childhood, a group of children around her laughing and lively, even to an apple uneven, and you bite me and bites the scene. Those days of poor is gone! Those joy, those who play like yesterday?
Jane 媜 said, like every drop of wine, don’t back to the original grape, I can’t back to the young. Yes, you can go back to that simple regarded his s? A steamed bread points a few half, ate with relish. A picture book, can forget to eat; A simple lovely words, made a little face!
Give time a little time, let the past in the past, let began to start!
Last winter to spring, flowers bloom, there are many can’t help sadness, then slowly learned to hide. Time, has taught us a lot of, do not teach us how to grow old; Photo canvas prints, old appearance, but wipe not to warm memories. As the wind is the rain, the rain is the foot of the wind, each New Year, hand in hand forever!
I don’t know, how long did not embrace her, may be that warm embrace belong to childhood, belong to memory. Every time I look at the back of the lonely, really want to tightly hug her from behind. The head of white hair, fine of photo in silence; Is a staggering figure, hurt my eyes, I hurried footsteps get wet. She has how many photo can be passed, and I may not be accompanied by drift elsewhere. Midnight, heart like water: if the children to support and affection, it will be too late for regret.
The thin shoulders, never out of my sight. At midnight, always embrace, very light is very warm. Yes, hug belongs to the parents in childhood, grow up to hug belongs to the lover, who is the owner of the old hug? However, said it’s so good to hug, that is the comfort of my flesh, worldly reward.
After everything sails, the world of mortals is infinite. Experienced young, harvest the mature, in the time of the ferry, we are all passers-by. Photo, in a hurry traveler in a hurry, that blood is thicker than water of affection, the influences of emotion, engraved in mind, even if go to far, fly high again, where is the root, the root line always pull there, intangible tangible, pulling you, swaying your soul, lingering, imaging time.
Know that some of the beautiful, heart is warm; Some of the past, remember, quiet is the best.
Sometimes, really want to photo slowly, more slowly, let her enjoy the hustle and bustle of the world, holding her both walk slowly, enjoy bath the spring scenery beautiful, the summer flowers is bright, sunny autumn, winter snow clean…
Warm, made her photo, please tender for the four seasons!

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