On this subject, I sank into the deep next canvas prints from photo meditation. Old days ah, you are a lover. Never change ever stood waiting. May wait for your tender years, but I don’t need time, what I need is you, even a glance photos on a canvas. Audience friends, good evening, here is the youth time radio – used to the time, I am the waves, is the topic of today’s program: may tender to you for years.

Time ah, you are like a lover, appearance is changed, is still kept in place. You said, if we want, youth is gone, all the passion, all those who have loved gone, all, simple and happy time, we are unable to retain. You say, and then we alive still have what mean? Life is a lonely journey, since childhood, we rely on the convert photos to canvas things too much, if all of a sudden lost, what it would be. Time ah, as if has not been back to find, we can’t through the back, we can no longer continue to rely on anyone. Time in the shadow of spin, we grew up in, youth, youth is what? Pain discount photo canvas to reject any information about the adult world, but little by little we also have adult. The youth in the distance, all you get and lose, will slowly settling down.

“In the last island there is a place called reverse city, where we can see his life experience canvas print prices all, look at those things, we would like to go again. Life is buckish, short decades. Time is wasted, the long life. So, in the place where we start and end, whether also have such a top turn city? Isn’t it, where we can see his life experience, to see my lifetime has met?”

This is a discrete years canvas print quality friend wrote to me. A paper softly, you don’t forget. Looking back is, don’t for years. I don’t know if he is happy, how are you? Let time to your gentleness.

In many cases, a person quiet lie on the bed, think, reciting canvas and prints, are some of the people gradually forget, ever think about to meet with them, sigh when done silly things together, bragging about the dream. Imagined a lot of scenes, and even deliberately to find, so sometimes walk on the road will be lost. May be I do not good enough, let you have forgotten once had my canvas portraits. Perhaps, is the time to tell us, discrete, maybe this lifetime also won’t be able to see you? I’ve been don’t believe that “don’t, for a number of missing,” I know, in this world, I will meet people I want to meet again. However, the reality is always giving me a blow after another. A don’t, indeed as expected for a see. Remember graduation season when we are together to drink, drunk and sing. Learn to the TV and said to each other “drunk laugh with thirty thousand games, not v. from ruin.” Yes, then how happy ah, don’t v. from ruin, parting, not pain. We believe that time will let us meet again. But, why so long time ah, say 6 x4 photo prints commitment? A part of five years, ten years a large together. Is still a room full of people, still is. Time, we pull far away too far. A full moon to the Mid-Autumn festival, people meet.

May wait for your tender years, keep the innocence, keep the expired a canvass printing love. Many years ago, you said let I must write you into my novel. But, you know? I want to say to you, I have carefully thought for a long time in my mind, each fragment, every scene, and every symbol. But, when I wanted to put pen to paper, how to also can not write, I can only gradually to forget it. It is happy; it was time portraits from photos.

Time wait for you to tender, and you don’t cry because it is think of me, and I know you have hard to forget me, I know, have you ever hurt me, I never heard. May wait for your tender years, I didn’t like you; I even never walk into your world. Let’s keep each other costco photo canvas prices range. Let the time, let you, everything is ok. Thank you for you’re listening, I am a great waves. Next time, bye

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