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I am not a rich stomach wall to canvas art, canvas factory At ordinary times to raise flowers, a variety of grass, there are always. But the plants after I hand the chances of survival is not always very high! Mainly because, at ordinary times is too lazy to do, if it weren’t for heard these beautiful flowers and plants can purify air, I am too lazy to do these things!

Be worth while, however, is: keep the two small carp, but surprisingly vigorous! Will keep the two small carp, is also a coincidence. Used to listen to friends mentioned, a carp being photo to canvas feed don’t need much effort. So, will buy a taste of the ceramic cylinder, water storage, keep on two small carp, in a computer desk, canvas prints australia increase the interest already, and can dissolve the computer radiation, the good and what is there against it?

Friends, like I ate a certainty. Then, ten days half a month, also helping to feed one more time. Really want to; just find some bread crumbs to feed them. At first, the two small carp print photos on canvas UK very joyfully! But, a few days later, I find: ceramic cylinder in turbidity. Observes the after, just understand! Turned out to be the fish will eat into the bread crumbs and spit it out, cause was ten days half a month to change the water of the ceramic cylinder, now have to change water a day or two. Or a long period of time, ceramic cylinder water turbidity unbearable! In this way, small carp photo into canvas print or very carefree life! Summer vacation is coming, I put the fish back to the house, and bought from the market, the fish food, also consulted with experts in earnest the weight of the feed the fish, the fish feeding on a few distractions!

One day, while trying to feed the fish only to find that: the ceramic cylinder only a fish swim alone there. Some wonder in the heart, the other a fish on which go to? Rummaged around like a headless fly, the fish is not found. So, just think of the home to ask the Lord being naughty: did you get? Are you it does not matter, as long as tell mom, where are you put the fish in? On me again and again under the edge of the coax the outbreak of anger, son prevaricated, illegibility of expression, I even magical understood: son is in the stirring ceramic cylinder making photos into canvas water, the fish jumped out, jumped to which did not know! Things I finally understand, but the fish was not found. Must be in the home, this hot day, stinks’s not very good! The husband in next to remind: will behind the TV ark? I quickly move TV ark took a look, if the post after the TV ark of wall! Look at this scene, I afraid to panic! Can’t touch, cannot bear to see more, run far picture it on canvas. The husband in muttered, while take the fish back in the ceramic cylinder, also stood watching from the sidelines for a while. The fish swimming, it is still alive… This is a miracle!

After this thing, I am more determined: the vitality of the two fish super! Summer vacation passed quickly. Fish in our family’s love, can say life is also very joyous picture print on canvas! School begins, again arrive early life! Take care for the fish is not as careful as he used to be. Husband only occasionally think about to feed the fish feed, son sometimes remind: mom, did you feed the fish?

One day, her husband told me: the fish dead a! I am one leng, feel strange! Can survival of the fish left the water, how can lost in such familiar surroundings? A person, lying on the sofa, thought himself to fish photo to canvas art actions… Self-blame, annoyed, more regret! Life is so!

Born, easy; Live, easy; But life is not easy. Life is a kind of accept, habits, we always attached to ease, former miss the quiet, and when the objective reality changes, we are reluctant to face the reality, to accept this change. However, life will not change because of you, the time will not because you reversed, we still need to face life, to accept and adapt to life.

Life is a kind of give up. Life is a lot, only give up this give up things, to get the usual due to photos UK. To adapt to a life, you have to give up some ideas and fantasy, only give up properly, we could get rid of all kinds of tangible invisible fetters, adjust state of mind, more quickly into the role of life.

Life is a challenge. Each time to adapt must have been a severe challenge, even is a kind of thoroughly remould oneself photo to canvas costco hone: challenges, is on its own will, character, ability and level of comprehensive test. Challenge is a victory over self, perfect the process of the process of self, beyond the self.

Life is a choice, a struggle, a kind of hone, a kind of baptism, is a germplasm printed canvases leap, and is filled with warmth. To adapt to the life tend to be long and difficult. Some people in life are often in the face of all sorts of change and shy, can’t adapt to, or in adversity they recovered, or abandon in the face of a setback. In fact, everyone knows, life is a process of life has no choice of topic, rather than passively adapt to active adaptation.

Therefore, the life should learn how to live. It is in life constantly adapted to; we have the determination, photo to canvas honed perseverance, strengthened the confidence and enrich the life. Is also in constant canvas portraits to adapt to the life, we chew the suantiankula, subway, the hardship of life across the world scenery, experience the joy of success and failure of bitterness, so as to enrich the connotation of life, rich life photo on to canvas colour!


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