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Has long been the most care about artwork online is affection; never I am looking forward to all of them can peace, health. Some are former, minor illness even rare they get sick, until 26th night brother called. Said the elder sister call back today? I said no! Tomorrow morning. Then he said: “that you can now call back, just call dad, dad said mother uncomfortable, may have to do surgery, specific how I didn’t listen to clear, you make a phone call back to ask our need training again”. Then I said, “well, I’ll call back, you don’t try so hard, the first since haven’t told me, it should be no big problem”, then he weak being wall art said “for a moment the phone made also don’t know when to get, the result came out remember to leave a message to me, so I got my cell phone can immediately see”. Moment was really think a few months, really grow up.

And he said, call mom asked under the circumstance, mother said don’t know how to print on demand, have 2 days to check just know, do you want to do surgery. Learned of needed surgery uncontrolled shivering, I’ve been wanted to give their best, whether it is use to eat, and I want to take the best photos to canvas I will try my best to them, but until that moment turns out that I overlooked one important point, that is health. At that moment only to find that the original I ignored their health, that moment how much I regret, that moment I also blame myself, why had never thought of to do physical examination every year with them! If made a physical examination every year is it won’t appear such problem! Mother also pressed wall prints online told me that I don’t need to go back, it’s not a big thing, until today, the test results came out, and must be surgery. From the afternoon has been constantly on the phone, but my mother cell phone hasn’t been switched on, was really print online waiting for her on to must have a good talk about her, until 8 p.m. How about the phone call, finally mother asked me when I’m back, that moment my tears in the eyes, in turn, also need to this is the sixth sense, the girl said I go back tomorrow. Then asked her of the outcome, I wait to buy canvas as a result, must surgery, and then good wanted to tell her don’t answer the phone in the afternoon, but when heard the results, I could not say a word, and then say the words, it’s not a big problem, I tomorrow back to early in the morning, you call my dad, he was in a hurry. And just said a few words and then hastily hung up the phone, hang after the phone call my cousin then let him to the hospital with mum tonight to chat, don’t let her think east to west.

As all the print pictures, have to be quiet, silent tears drop by drop on the clothes before the bosom, I have been the most care about people, I want a straight to protect people, incredibly so without warning to be in hospital, surgery. Said really collage canvas was afraid, has never experienced. At that moment how I wish I was a child, I wish I could for her illness, chatting with a friend said to want to back in the evening, was rejected. Cousin phoned his cousin, cousin directly drive to where I live, said nothing, will be fine, we are all in. Come back tomorrow, I shook my head and said, that’s ok, can I a person, I have grown up, not a kid, this is should I take a print photos online ‘responsibility. New Year’s Day back you help me take something back, in my insistence, repeatedly decided I a person back.

More than ten o ‘clock in the evening the print to canvas, senior high school classmate suddenly say to call me, elder sister, are you come back tomorrow? I’m curious, how did he know, he is work in a hospital classmate say my mother in the hospital, may be a surgery tomorrow afternoon. I say a weak smile canvas online Australia! Early in the morning, surgery didn’t let my father in the past, I a person go well. He said nothing, I accompany you. Say not touched is false, at least I think the most helpless online print will have he accompanied me. Hope mom recovers at an early date, and may all the parents healthy always. Hope all the children are able to take more time, with parents, we just when young, but they went to the days old in a day.

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