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But as far as I know, that a few power punched the old landlord, tearful complaints ready to hang art, are few idle people in the old days, don’t go to the crops, making every day drinking playing CARDS, and therefore is very poor, and I just know later, the old landlords before liberation is only a few years old, no chance of exploitation, he really old landlord is his grandpa father generation, I later learned, these so-called wall prints online Australia are arranged production team, poor farmers up charges after a meal, can remember the point of the day. (This all the time when we were little called tell us where fortune is.

Quid jug began to print photos in tell us where fortune is Australia, is can’t find people, behind the counter is a house between soil, full of acting with clothing props and play makeup colors, there is a wall of musty and play makeup pigment fresh scent, but face not played here, even though she is the leading role, people seem to have become accustomed to her, always at the end of the tell us where fortune is, that a face of bitterness of stage, under the old landlord a limping off with slow buy art prints online Australia, disappeared in the night, didn’t appear in the hut, three under two good makeup, there will always be on the face the tears washing painting good shape, together, as a time of heavy rain the rain washed wall photo wall art shallow gully, I later learned that old landlord who is the father of quid jug.

Not everyone can then into large ensemble, not only do you have a good voice, have to commune brigade, because in the ensemble can not only avoid prints art heavy Labor, can also point a subsidy for half a year, a year can also often go to area county in joint performance, can eat meat, flour bun. This time secretary head swayed the rattle, beach thick canvas prints’ lips out a word, and who will do, she can’t, this is a problem of class stand, she is the landlord of the children, but later secretary didn’t depression that director, the director went back to district, district committees soon from the phone, so do the ensemble capable of quid jug, her sweet voice and performance in place, as if born to be an actor, and she also represent area to provincial capital the occurrence display, get back a walking tractor for group.

Played until 30 years haven’t marry, at that time no one dared to marry the landlord canvas print Perth daughter do a wife, even if you are as beautiful flowers, the landlord’s daughter, at that time, generally choose to marry into Inner Mongolia Xinxiang remote places, quid jug is not marry a person, because her father was tied in hemiplegic, day and night lying at the door of the room, 10 o ‘clock in the morning, the sun can only be pushed open the gate to come in, it is the end of the song play to get home to father laundry cooking, there is another reason, is played by a, because modern art canvas cattle feed hungry as a Wolf ate production brigades, broke the brain by militias, little brother, she was two played every time the performance, the county, the head of the commune will make a table vegetables, let her hostess, she came home, always his pockets stuffed with all kinds of canvas artwork online food, returned home to my brother and father.

Woman in the village began to rumors of quid jug, and the director, commune armed minister have that kind of relationship, a woman said these, eyes is a despise and anger, it is after walked over, they will be moving in quid jug prints for walls long braid spit, in fact the woman heart is a kind of jealousy, because they have no ability to be an actress, no skill of popular drink hot.

Initially just jump to catch the shadow of wind gossip in the village, then a woman who in the commune hospitals as a doctor of department of gynecology, tell people it is done at least three people, the woman like prostitutes, who can, below are rotten, this woman is played by fine art print one recently, in the village is one of her cousin, but because a good leader, and county were sent to the colleague in1992.and a few days, was chief of the county put her into the county hospital, but she doesn’t know little, must marry the head, head of anger, put her down to the commune hospitals, quid jug is anathema to the reason why it is said that she and spreading it is gossip, because the chief watched a quid jug artworks’ performances like quid jug, also promised to also go to colleague in1992.and further let quid jug, but don’t know what’s going on, then it is not to go into.

Played later married to a neighboring village of man, the man is poor, is a heavy rain outside, the house broken straw under the rain, there is a blind old kiang, the appearance of the man rat eyed and buck headed, it is the reason to marry him, because he has a younger sister, then pop Haunting rural poor families, but also because it is already pregnant, then it was beach paintings on canvas as rural very ashamed, played by husband than played a sophomore more than ten years old, his sister would have reached the age of marriage, he is not my sister get married, sister once and a man away from home, he found his sister stay in bed for three months, it is to marry him, through the matchmaker told him that she was pregnant with someone else’s child, agreed to marry in the past, don’t agree to calculate, the man forty or fifty, he has not been a woman is to see a lifetime, and is everyone wants to be a drive photo canvases lanai chrysanthemum.

Quid jug is said to have married the past a month just born the son of a fine eyes, said some people in the village as the director, said some like commune secretary, played by the full moon on or after a silent went to a trip to the region, back red canvas prints a black Volga car by sending back, also brought back a lot of colorful snacks, bottles and cans, is said to her that the straw house send out every night to quid jug cry of pain, the next day people still see a wear clean, a face of bright and clean huge canvas prints smile of quid jug, mother-in-law to blind drop ophthalmic, brush their hair, cooking laundry, pigs feed the chickens.

Lanai chrysanthemum the son looking dignified and strong, and then art ensemble production team has been dissolved and put into practice in rural land contract, it is to go to the fields, always pull a rack truck, car sitting her five year old son and blind canvas on canvas mother-in-law, her face is still in blood, said to her husband, because she was old cannot be husband and wife, just to torture played in the evening every day, it is to marry in the past five or six years and never had children, has been played as usual is natal home two head run, but the increasingly deep dimples on her face.

An autumn morning, played a basin of clothes, holding a wooden stick to wash his clothes, and along the river near the river son printing factory in the grass catch butterflies, played with wooden stick beat clothes, screaming as son don’t go too far, the call at this time a wave of water, just still jammed in the river suddenly disappeared, the son of her crazy looking for in the grass, the mouth cried out, the name of the son mama, then she won’t water jump in one deep custom canvas prints in Australia in water, get around to… Woke up she was lying in the commune hospital bed, her son in her arms the grass green jacket.

Quid jug don’t eat not to drink a week later, two eyes dementia photo to canvas Australia, looking at his son’s clothes, then exclaim 1 and ran along the river, take off your clothes, as he ran his mouth cried out, mama, mama, don’t be afraid, kiang to save you. Played on an autumn afternoon jumped into the river in the sun, just for a few days and nights wall canvas art Australia in the rain, the water almost to the bank, after two days of quid jug bubble naked body in the downstream dozen a pier by fishermen fished, that one is thirty years old, that year autumn taste very bitter very bitter.

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