What is a friend? Just blew again to go? Have you ever and I are the best canvas prints sunshine group of friends, we go to school together, play together, canvasfactory go home together. I thought that our friendship will always like this, but the accident happened on that afternoon.

It was a music lesson, finished morning class, the students all want to relax on the music lesson. Before long, the teacher let’s follow the tape to sing, I sing, just change one part of the lyrics to your canvas images’ name, canvasprintsau also sing for a long time. This was a hoax, but I didn’t think you become angry from embarrassment. Are you angry, it’s my pencil case? The teacher found that great anger way: “who is that pencil case?” I slowly canvas art supplies raised his hand a sign for him, he asked me: “what’s the matter with your pencil box? There” I am afraid you stricken, prevaricated could not answer.

But soon I quality prints will burst, when you and I are in the awkward state, you should stand up and say, the teacher he said that I had stolen his pen, I said no and then I took his pen boxes, I froze in the second, I feel my abstract canvas prints’ heart in drop of blood, breath stopped. Then you sit down, the teacher scold a sentence “mouth true mean” sun, voice is small, but the sound is so harsh. But I feel a little disturbing, I hate this feeling!

As I expected – ever since, he a few weeks I didn’t. During this time, I thought a lot: in your mind, the teacher impression of you is more important than anything. But, in my heart I and your art canvas’ friendship is more important.

Later I don’t know what the reason, we made up again. Just not used to that kind of happy feeling, like what was bound, free. Although we have made, but we seem to have a layer of heavy canvas print au friendship between estrangements, although you can see each other, but can’t get to know each other. Although you are a sunshine turn photos into canvas boy, but hidden deep, you let me guessing.

Therefore, our relationship is rigid. Between us the online wall art much less ‘topic, reduced to a “hello” “goodbye” such common words, then, becomes met just smile, even the ordinary word “hello” is omitted. You more distant, the more I fear, I fear I will lose you this good friend, lose once I expect, once had a wall art and prints the most precious friendship, really afraid to lose.
I really want to go back in time, see you that bright canvas buys online smiles, photo to canvas prints broke through the heavy barrier layer, and let our friendship forever! Like many, if not I, our relationship is not so, I apologize to you hope you.

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