Art on canvas online

For more than a month since I have been suffer from insomnia, difficult to express being online canvas printing cannot sleep, a lot of friends care about me, give me advice, canvas prints tell me about medicine, and ask me why, I think these are all concerned about me, here I thank you. Has a friend said: “you this is in cook life, this is not, after a long time is the best quality canvas prints accident will online” I wry smile said: “um… actually I also don’t want to, envy of those who sleep every day, but I really can’t sleep.” I suddenly thought of asking her: “you see I will not see one morning his best online canvas prints hair all white?” She said: “you white a lot right now.” I think it should be yes, that’s more than a month, really a lot of white, maybe all white is good also, she said: “looks like you enjoy?” I said: “that’s because I cannot finish my music, yeah, what can refuse?

I seem to have become accustomed to the life art posters insomnia since more than a month, when the lights go out, light tobacco smell in the air; I looked at the smoke of their burnt out in my hands, canvasprintsau and then wait for the morning. A person being photo prints the night, I want to anything, also what all don’t want to, I can cry can smile, can be singing loudly said nothing, I can’t find the hypnotic method, so I choose to enjoy the night’s lonely, watching movies, play games, write text or look at period of ancient prose, to no avail, sweating so quietly waiting for the dawn.

D that day you ask me to go to the movies “charlotte worry”, he asked me after the movie: “think of it?” I say: “good.” Finished he went on to say: “him?? Talk about which good ah” I have said: “a small cost being digital prints a movie like this really quite good, the structure is rigorous, the plot is compact, actors, music is in place, the meanest is director of the methods are very strange, ahead of time ideas of the writers, the scope, being funny poster prints and lead people to ponder, aroused the miss one generation to the old days, also fully show the dark side of society now……” Before I say that finish, he pointed at me laugh: “it serves you right to sleep! Is a movie can let you have so big of a pile of shit?” How can I pause to think about, too, I read smoothly to say so much?

Like a child from being online photo printing, and fear, and to see through the world samara, in fact also nothing important good thinking, tossing and turning as quiet sky, watching the prosperities. Only in this way, really very tired, sometimes I also wonder, what’s the matter with your? Is lonely, cold, is lost, confusion… Eventually I all denied, I being digital prints online insomnia has nothing to do with the mood, maybe I was silent for a little, maybe I gaunt a lot, but I also is that I after all.

Allow me with white hair and give me a suit black, night dream flavor, not wrapped drunkenness class body, pour a bowl of tea. Allow me with white hair and make my life busy, light to choose books and enjoy the night do not cover the cold heart, suffused with a belly tears. Allow me with white hair, leave me a little time, photo canvas prints and wait for the dawn rises, after night without a word.

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