7 human photography rules

How many ways there are some portraits, canvas prints au can help people looks nice’ condition, but it refers to the photographer Robert K Baggs, there are several models can be used as a new attempt to break the rules about general portrait photography, and wrote an article sharing the following sorting out the photographer points.

1. HDR

HDR mode is generally used in landscape photography, panoramic canvas prints and portrait photography is relatively small, because we all like a lot of time to shoot soft picture (for example, children, girlfriends or small animals). Photographer finger, shooting sports or other need to show courage screen, you can make moderately HDR, will bring you a new look and feel.
2. Overexposure / underexposure

Many people will ask this photo correct exposure, but also afraid to lose overexposed photo details underexposed photos will be hard to see. Nevertheless, in fact the two can also be a way to take pictures, like these two photos, you can see how to adjust the exposure to manufacturing is not the same atmosphere.

3. Do not shoot the eyes

The eyes are the window to the soul, portrait photos, people’s eyes will be at the heart, so a lot of photos are very focused on this part of the eye. Expression of the Concept photographer recommendation can not in any way take model eyes (such as shadow or block the use of props), allow the viewer to pay attention to the overall picture, while not a model in the film’s emotional state, themselves He says this is a good challenge. (But this may be in favor of fashion photography)

4. Use a wide-angle lens

Generally, 50mm to 200mm portrait lens is often the best range, but wide-angle lens can behave like a cartoon like fun / sense of drama, so if you want to try different things, when shooting portraits can try different focal lengths.

5. Let the color model wearing eye-catching clothes

Portraits usually have a very stable color, in order to achieve harmony on the screen, but using bright colors bright elements are also not a bad idea, right? You can also use this method greatly enhances the sense of the characters.

6. Messy background

General advice is to avoid cluttering business background, when photographing people if there is a beautiful both the best, but if you add a background, or even a lot of props in the background, you can make the picture more story.

7. Try to use a variety of sources

‘Playing light’ is not necessary, natural light can also look very nice, except that the flash lamp or other specialized equipment to play outside, in fact, you can also use a variety of secondary sources, such as street lights? Candlelight? From the window of daylight? Even more it is a mobile phone lamp.

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