6 strokes shoot photography Pieces

I want to shoot good photos, not the most important equipment, canvas print but can have a pair of good subjects to explore, more importantly, good light ‘photographic eye. ‘ To train a good photographic eye is not an overnight thing can be achieved, but also to practice before weekdays, and ‘photographic essay’ The theme allows you to easily exercise photographic eye, in fact, rare photography, will now be together See how to shoot it!

(A) the choice of equipment

Usually shooting big scene, the camera may take a large number of lenses, panoramic canvas plus a bunch of equipment such as filters, tripod, cable release, etc., but focuses on training in photography eye ‘photographic essay’ to easily capture, hence do not pay attention to the camera lens, plus a non-reverse camera fixed focus or small DC, and even cell phones can be, so to dispense with a complicated set of equipment, and secondly also allows you to concentrate more on composition.

(B) Looking for light

One of the elements makes beautiful photo essay is looking for interesting lighting, capturing light photography has always been a fundamental, if you can ‘see’ an attractive light (or shadow) and shot down, a good work will be born up!

(Iii) closer to the subject, looking for details, highlight the subject

Pieces photography beautiful clouds did not focus or beautiful models, but pay attention to ‘detail’ and the meaning of the expression, even an ordinary street, or a piece of fallen leaves on the lawn, as long as you are close enough to find among the body, the use of photo tell them the story, the reader often can cause infinite fantasy!

(Iv) the use of color and contrast

Color contrast can make your photo to bring greater impact, both black and white (light and dark) contrast, backlight scattered light, or the focal point under the spotlights, also allows you to take a picture of a moving picture.

(V) Looking lines and geometric

In fact, all around us is filled with lines and geometric patterns, as long as you can observe the different angles, can always find some interesting stuff!

(Vi) Use photo text or symbols

Do not ignore the photo-text or symbols to bring meaning here not talking about late add captions or watermarks, but in words or symbols really captured the moment appears, If thou let these words or symbols into the photo, will reinforce the photo story and appeal, an interesting essay on this work was born!

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