5 tips for shooting lightning photos

Autumn and summer often encounter lightning, if you like to chase this shocking picture, may wish to refer to from the landscape photographer Michael Shainblum practical advice, his own works on the Internet there are many widely circulated, very popular, it is worth learning . Here’s his share:

1) using the time-lapse photography mode (Timelapse Mode)

Use the timer shutter release camera to take pictures, the principal and take Timelapse (Nightlapse), because the lightning is always fleeting, missed is missed ah.

2) Exposure setting

Without imagination, photographers typically take 4-8 seconds of shutter time to capture complete lightning, while ISO reduces noise by 100, and the aperture is determined by spot metering, which is usually set to a slightly lower 1/3 to 2/3, because the scene or accidental strong light source.

3) first composition, such as lightning

It is easy to flutter to chase lightning, but in the end it may take a bunch of lightning, no composition, not beautiful work. Photographers recommend a brief understanding of the scope of lightning appears, and then composition, to find a superb location, and then wait for the emergence of lightning. Get a fantastic, compared to shoot a bunch of useless more meaningful.

4) safety first

In general, the chance of being struck by lightning is not high, but must also be careful. If nothing near, you can put the camera on the tripod, through the timer shutter line to shoot, and then hide in the car, to avoid the point. At the same time, we must give attention to whether there will be something near or fall due to electric shock. On the other hand, be prepared to retreat at any time owing to a thunderstorm, familiarize yourself with nearby roads and directions.

5) Keep the camera dry and the lens clean

Ready towels and plastic bags, ready to meet the wind and rain, absolutely useful. Use the ball to spray the water droplets on the mirror, more convenient than with a rag, because the cloth will blur the lines, affecting the quality

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